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Full Version: How to automatically add all movies in a media source folder to the library?
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How to add all items in a media source / a media source folder to the library?

Currently, I have to select each movie item not yet added to the library, press 'C', select add to library, wait and select the correct movie item. I think many items were added at the first library scan and maybe it's supposed to add these on refreshing the library but it doesn't (that could be due to "connection" problems with the server albeit adding items the manual way does work fine).

If it's supposed to add items automatically when refreshing the library this is a bug report, if it's a feature that for whatever reason hasn't yet been added please move this thread to the feature suggestions and if it's possible otherwise please explain how to add videos to the library automatically, without having to do these tedious manual steps for each item.

If it's not yet possible, the method should select the first or most likely item from the movie scraper so that one only has to change all misdetected items. It would be even better if it showed many prompts one after another where one can accept the most likely detected movie or change it to one of the other items with similar names (there should be a cancel button somewhere that allows cancelling the series of prompts).
(2021-06-19, 23:06)mYnDstrEAm Wrote: [ -> ]How to add all items in a media source / a media source folder to the library?
Select Update Library from the left sideblade menu... https://kodi.wiki/view/Basic_controls#Sideblade_Menu

If movies aren't being added, then there could be a number of reasons. The most common bad folder filenaming.

Provide a Debug Log which captures an Update Library and we might see what the problem is.

Moved to Information Providers
Thanks for the help.

The problem was solved by changing the info source from TVDB to the movie database for the media source of TV series. It scanned the series first before scanning for movies even when refreshing the library from inside the movies folder. It looked like the scanning of TV series went through just fine but not the movies which are scanned only after the series for the following reasons: all the TV series were already showing up with all the correct info, the scanning failed only after a while and showed a message box about a connection problem and only movies weren't added.

I propose 3 things that could be improved:
- if refreshing the library does not work for one media source, try the next media source instead of aborting the entire refresh   and/or refresh only the media source/s of the main item one is currently in when selecting refresh library in the left panel (e.g. all movies when viewing the movies page) – this also makes the refresh faster and there also could be an additional button "refresh this library"
- the pre-selected language for info sources should be the default language configured in Kodi so you don't have to find and change this setting (it worked without changing it though and it wasn't the cause of my problem here)
- improve the error messages so that one knows which media source is having problems

(Other than that and that TVDB has connection problems) this thread could be marked as "solved".
IIRC, the library update scanning order is the order that you added the sources.

If you want to scan a particular source, then go to Videos>Files>Your Source
Call up the Context Menu
Select "Scan for new content"

There is obviously a problem with your setup and without the Debug Log that I requested previously, there is nothing else we can do for you.