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Full Version: Leia 18.9 crash on library update
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I am running 18.9 on an Xbox One S. I was running it with the Watchdog service to auto add content, but a while ago, this stopped working and started to error, but I couldn't find the logs to check. So, today, I decided to re-enable the library update on startup. BIG mistake! Now, when I start Kodi, the interface loads, lasts for about 30 seconds and Kodi crashes out. I have no access to the logs without Kodi running, so no way to see what is causing the error. I assume it is something to do with the library update, as this is the only change I have done for quite a while and the crashes only started after I re-enabled this feature.

Any help getting this working or pointing to how I can do some diagnosis would be appreciated.
If you can install one more add-on, the Kodi Log Uploader add-on, and get that to run, then perhaps we can get a glimpse of the problem.