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Full Version: Artist slideshow and discart issue with Tajo/Matrix
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Dear all,

I really like the Aeon Tajo skin, since a few days I have been using it with Matrix.

I however have 2 issues that I hope someone can help me with:
1: Cdart is detected (when I select an album and press 'I', I can see that it has a 'current' cdart), however it is not being shown, instead the standard fallback generic spinning disc is shown.

2: Artist slideshow no longer works. When going into the music player it only shows a single fanart as background. Also I can no longer remove the 'playing music info' by pressing 'I'. It is in front all the time.

Does anyone know what I could do to fix these issues? I have been searching and fiddling around with the settings for the last days, but can't seem to find any fix.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Thanks! You must be having some kind of issue on your end, since cdarts are shown perfectly in Aeon Tajo (provided they are correctly added to Kodi database).

Also, you must be mistakenly regarding as bugs some things when they are not. For instance, Aeon Tajo has never hidden the playing music info by pressing 'I', and Artist slideshow works ok, but it's used only as a fallback when you don't have your own fanarts, if you already have a local image for that artist, it will be showed, there's no option to mix both sources.

Anyway, I thought that it would be a good idea to add an option to hide all the playing music info, so in the next version there will be an option for that in the music visualisation screen.