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Full Version: Looking for decent keymap / xbone controller config
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Hey all,
My 18.9 Kodi on Xbox one crashed a biggun, basically the Xbox ran out of hdd space and I ended up being to reinstall Kodi, losing my customisations.

I've got it back to a good state now but can't find whatever XMLs I edited previously (to enable custom functions on the controller).

I used to have:
* Window button on xbone controller (to the left, beneath the X guide button), take me to the home screen
* Y button would toggle fullscreen (music and video)

I cannot remember for life of me how I did it but I remember it wasn't particularly easy.

---does anyone have any custom config/XML files they can send me so I can get things back to how they were?

(apologies if this isn't the current sub-forum, I haven't been on here in ages).

Many thanks!
Thread moved to XBOX support section
Conclusion, looks like no-one on earth doing this.