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Full Version: Make movie Extras available via Embuary helper
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Hello @manfeed ,

I have a feature request. If you ever get the time and feeling up to some challenging task, please add Extras (Featurette/bonus material) to the skin DialogVideoInfo for ease of access. This request is in no way undermining the hard work you have done and continue to do for this great skin but if you ever feel like adding something extra to the skin, please consider this request. The Extras addon is getting the job done, but the integration isn't as smooth hence this request.

I have wasted quite a few hours on a solution but to no success, however, I have some findings.

The skin SWAN which is still WIP, attempts to use Embuary helper to avail the extras. So far, the extras don't seem to work for me via the skin, but as the skin is still WIP, this is understandable and it also gives me hope that this is actually doable. Although I must confess, I have no idea how complex this is.

This line of code from the skin might be of interest to you.

<onload condition="!string.isempty(listitem.dbid) + [container.content(movies) | String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBTYPE,movie)]">RunScript(script.embuary.helper,action=lookforfile,file='"$VAR[extrasLocation_lookup]"',prop=bonuscontentavail)</onload>
The variable "extrasLocation_lookup" looks like this

<variable name="extrasLocation_lookup">
        <value condition="String.Contains(listitem.filenameandpath,VIDEO_TS)">$INFO[listitem.path,,VIDEO_TS\extras/]</value>
        <value condition="String.Contains(listitem.filenameandpath,BDMV)">$INFO[listitem.path,,BDMV\extras/]</value>

Have a look at it, it might inspire you into something great for the skin.

Love your skin sana (that means very much in Swahili).
To me, videoextras is the best addon for this purpose but it is no longer developed or supported. Extras addon doesn't work well if you have information as an option before playing a movie.