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Full Version: Kanzi (formerly known as Kodi-Alexa) using docker image versus lexigr.am instructions
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When self hosting with Docker image linuxserver/kanzi the procedure must be different, I believe, than the directions on lexigr.am.  So, are my presumptions, below, correct?

1) If I use the linuxserver/kanzi docker image then there's no need for the nvm setup (Computer Setup) and Configuration instructions found at lexigr.am.  Instead, I follow the instruction found at https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/kanzi.

2) The linuxserver/kanzi container will need to be configured to deliver the skill to the server having kodi.  If those are on the same machine, so much the better.

3) Presuming that the linuxserver/kanzi docker container is on my local network, then the lexigr.am instructions Obtaining Your Internet Address and Router Setup (port forwarding to the kodi instance) will not need to be  done, but the same initial effort, i.e. obtain a DNS service pointed to my house,  becomes necessary for port forwarding from Amazon to the linuxserver/kanzi container running the skill. Am I correct, then, thanking that configuring the Amazon Alexa (AWS?) backend will include the ip:port of the linuxserver/kanzi skill container on my internal net?

4) I will install the linuxserver/SWAG image on the same server as the linuxserver/kanzi image.