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Full Version: Help to migrate a little service script from python 2 to 3...
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Hello !

Is it possible to ask help for a service I made, to migrate it from python 2 to 3 ?
I'm not a developper, just an enthousiaste guy Smile
My service is working nicely in Kodi 18 and I'd live to upgrade to Kodi 19.
The service is a modified and custom version of "English Only" by KODeKarnage.

The only things I did to try to migrate is :
- In addon.xml I change the line 8 to refer to the new version of Python :

from :
<import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.6.0"/>
<import addon="xbmc.python" version="3.0.0"/>

- In service.py, I changed the line 65  :
from :
    while not xbmc.abortRequested:
to :
    while not xbmc.Monitor().abortRequested:
(I saw that on the forum)

Here's the code of service.py, it's very short, if anybody could help that would be very appreciated !!!

Thank you!
OK problem solved thanks to a friend Smile

if anyone's interested I can share the code...

Problem solved.
Thread marked solved.