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Full Version: Moving focus to Listcontrol or Thumbpanel
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here it is reposted in proper forum

i'm creating a skin for xbmc and i'm having a issue. i have my control buttons layout above the listcontrol and thumbnailpanel. unlike all other skins, when the user pushes down, i want the focus to goto the listcontrol or thumbnailpanel. unfortunatly, i can't get this to work for both cases. if i set
code sample
it'll only goto the list control. if i set code sample
it'll only goto the thumbnailpanel.

in the default skins code sample
will move focus to either the listcontrol or thumbnailpanel depending on which is visible.

how do it get it to work for ondown?
Quote:i dont' know if this will screw up things in other ways but try changeing the <id>11</id> on <type>thumbnailpanel</type> in references.xml to <id>10</id> that should at least solve your problem. but as i said it might generate others so make sure to test it properly.
i tried this before posting, it made the thumbnailpanel empty.
i figured it out so i'll post here to help other skinners.

i dug a little through the code and apparently when it passes the focus from one control to another, if the control it is trying to pass focus to is not enabled then it just passes the focus command on depending on what it is set for the not enabled control.

so in my case, the listview with <id>10</id> should have it's focus passed onto the thumbpanel with <id>11</id>. to do this you must set the any of the <ondown>, <onright>, <onup>, <onleft> focus commands for the listview to 11 so it passes those commands onto the thumbpanel.