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Full Version: Unable to see HEVC TV channels streamed from Vbox 3442
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Hello everyone.

I writing from Italy, where all TV channels will switch to DVB-T2 in the next months. In the same event, HEVC coding will be introduced end soon it will become standard for italian TV broadcasting over DVBT, but old TV devices might be not compatible and shall be replaced. In my house I have a Vbox 3442 wich I can reach from my old TV by means of a FireTV with Kodi and Vbox add-on installed. They work seamlessly since few years now, and I wanted to check whether this setup would be compatible with HEVC broadcasts.
As of today, there are some test channels broadcasting a fixed color image+text using HEVC, therefore I could make a test.

Using Kodi, the PVR connects to the channel, does recognise the HEVC, but does not display any image (just a black screen). However, using VLC (also installed on FireTV) I can perfectly see the test channels crystal clear. Just to be clear, VLC application was started directly from the FireTV, not from Kodi.

Do you know if there are plug-ins that I should install in order to be able to properly decode HEVC from the PVR? Could the problem be in the Vbox plug-in (which I update regularly)? I use the same setup (Kodi+Vbox) on a much newer Android-TV (natively compatible with HEVC) and I can successfully see the HEVC Test Channels via Kodi and Vbox. 

I use Matrix 19.1 on both setups.

Thanks in advance.
Can you provide a full debug log of trying to play one of the HEVC channels? Instructions in my signature if you need them.
It was not quick, but I should have managed it:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Wr5x2W25WV/

thank you!
Hi again everybody,

I have uploaded a stripped-off version of the logfile where the malfunction of the Vbox plug-in was recorded, filtering out irrelevant or repeated debug entries and leaving those related to the PVR activity. I hope someone can identify the issue by looking at it: https://paste.kodi.tv/laniyilevi.kodi

laniyilevi.kodi (paste)

Thank you for your help on this matter.
We prefer the FULL debug log, not a stripped version. We need all the pieces when trying to solve a puzzle.
The link to the full log is in my previous post dated 2021-10-03, 21:30. Thank you for your help.
(2021-11-21, 11:33)rocketscientist Wrote: [ -> ]The link to the full log is in my previous post dated 2021-10-03, 21:30. Thank you for your help.

Apologies, I never got notified of your reply. Can you resupply the shortened version of the log. I can read the long one (the short one is expired).