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Full Version: Dependency fails for every install in Kodi on Xbox X
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I have tried to get some add-ons for newly installed Kodi on my Xbox Srs X.
But each time and whatever I try I get a dependency failure each time!
Can any one help?
Read the announcement at the top of the Xbox forum.
(2021-10-09, 14:39)jjd-uk Wrote: [ -> ]Read the announcement at the top of the Xbox forum.

Thanks. I admit I didn't read that. But it doesn't explicitly mention a problem with dependency failure.
Do you see that as included in that statement?
Thanks again

The official repo on Xbox is not functioning for addons downloads, so I assumed you must be if manually installing addons. However those addons may be dependent on other addons which need to be downloaded from the repo, thus the install will fail.