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Full Version: Trying to install nordvpn in kodi
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Hello. How I install nordvpn on kodi 19.2? I get xmbc.python 2.7 could not be satisfied. Any way to update python?
Using Kodi 19.2 on nvidia shield p2897 ?
(2021-10-11, 20:34)Bigdrago Wrote: [ -> ]How I install nordvpn on kodi 19.2?

You don't. You can separately install the NordVPN app from the Android Play store.
Python 2.7 is outdated, Kodi 19+ uses Python 3.x.

As per Kodi's VPN policy (wiki), no further support for VPN issues will be given.
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Which part of our VPN policy (wiki) do you not comprehend?
Do not try another such attempt, or the boot against your behind will come mucher quicker than you expect.
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