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Full Version: Ryujinx add on
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Ryujinx is a nintendo switch emulator


I have created a first working add-on in https://github.com/xbmc/repo-plugins/pull/3510. It depends on some Ryujinx changes https://github.com/Ryujinx/Ryujinx/pull/2131

It can:

- list your games
- run games

But there're a few things I'm not sure how to solve:

1. Currently the add-on starts a subprocess, but I see bmcplugin.setResolvedUrl should be able to see the file ".nsp" and run correct emulator for it. I'm not sure how to setup that.
2. Until integrated with bmcplugin, I'm trying to listen to keyboard to stop the game. Is there any keyboard listener for kodi? (Listen to ESC to end running game)
3. Setup Ryujinx path: Any simple example on how to add config to a plugin and read it. (This needs a file dialog to select your installed emulator)
4. Run on same screen as kodi (for multimonitor setup) Probably another thing bmcplugin will solve, until that, is it possible to get info on what monitor kodi is shown (Use case: laptop connected to a TV by HDMI)

Good to have:

5. Integration with "Add game"
6. Integration with gamepad controller (for joycons) Currently Ryujinx uses a json file to map controller with emulated joycons (keyboard to emulated, controller to emulated). Any simple example of this kodi gamepad controller will help a lot

Any help is appreciated, if you want to give a try just modify EMULATOR_PATH and adjust env['DISPLAY'] on current implementation