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Full Version: Language translators (and reviewers) wanted!
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As you may have read, Team Kodi has recently switched to Weblate for its translation backend services. All has been set up now, and automated scripts for processing all changes in the languages into the various Kodi language add-ons are also being implemented.

One aspect of this whole backend transition that is still falling behind a bit, is that not yet every language has a translator (or reviewer for that matter). Kodi needs a properly localized setup for everyone to add to its success. A number of Transifex translators for Kodi are unfortunately no longer available, but we are hoping to meet some of them again, as well as other people who want to join us in expanding and improving the language support for our Kodi application.

As this moment in Weblate, no translators have been assigned to the following languages:
  • Afrikaans (South Africa)
  • Albanian (Albania)
  • Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • Armenian (Armenia)
  • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)
  • Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Burmese (Myanmar)
  • Faroese (Faroe Islands)
  • Kannada (India)
  • Latvian (Latvia)
  • Macedonian (Macedonia)
  • Malayam (India)
  • Maltese (Malta)
  • Maori
  • Mongolian (Mongolia)
  • Romanian (Romania)
  • Silesian
  • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
  • Slovak (Slovakia)
  • Slovenian (Slovenia)
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Tajik (Tajikistan)
  • Tamil (India)
  • Telugu (India)
  • Thai (Thailand)
  • Uzbek (Uzbekistan)
  • Welsh (United Kingdom)

If you can help us out with any of these languages, just set up a free account at Weblate, and give us a shout in this forum thread on which language(s) you can help us out with. We will guide on the ins and outs of Weblate to make it the easiest experience for both of us.

We're looking forward to any of your helping hands! Smile
Just installed KODI LibreELEC on a Pi4 , and I'd like make a couple of corrections to the FRENCH translations.
And I've found a couple of mistakes/typos on the WELCOME section of KODI
(I used to be a very active translator on Transifex, helping to 10+ projects)

How can I join the FRENCH/France team either on Transifex or  kodi.weblate.cloud please.

Thanks for your cooperation
(2022-04-03, 15:06)emanwebdev Wrote: [ -> ]How can I join the FRENCH/France team either on Transifex or  kodi.weblate.cloud please.

I guess you found it ... Smile
(2021-10-16, 20:57)Klojum Wrote: [ -> ]and give us a shout in this forum thread

Transifex is a closed chapter. All translation stuff will be handled via Weblate by now.
Hi, sure I joined but the strings are locked. I'd like to fix errors/typos in already translated strings but they are locked. 
Could you please grant the needed rights to be able to fix the FRENCH/France strings we can read in the WELCOME section of KODI pleae
Hi again, 
Sorry for your precious time... 
Where are the strings we can read during the wizard seens just after a fresh new installation ?

(I've downloaded all translation texts as ZIP, then performed a recursive search into ALL files without any success....)

Oh, btw! the texts of the setup wizard I'd like to fix are seen on a LibreELEC fresh installation, but it's built on top of KODI, so ..Huh
Not everything seems to have been transferred already from LibreELEC to Weblate (unless I have been looking in the wrong places). The LibreELEC devs will have to doublecheck if/when everything is available. A bit of patience for now, grasshopper.