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Full Version: Failed to load scraper XML (Universal Movie Scraper 5.5.5)
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I am getting an error on my Linux setup that prevents from scrapping my sources. It works perfectly on other setups that I have on different devices. The error is the following:
WARNING <general>: failed to load scraper XML from /config/.kodi/addons/metadata.universal/universal.xml
I have checked that is not a permissions issue (I tried even running it as root). It doesn't happen with other scrappers.
(2021-10-17, 11:08)manuel5cc Wrote: [ -> ]The error is the following:

It's a warning, but other than that, there is no way to deduce anything else from a single line from your log file. And during weekends there is no crystal ball present in our office.

So kindly provide the full debug log (wiki) via pastebin, so we can see for starters what kind of Linux setup this is about.
Here's the debug log, hope it helps:
ipowokuqat.kodi (paste)