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Full Version: [Win][v19+] Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
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(2023-05-26, 16:56)hdmkv Wrote: [ -> ]For 4K, I use Zidoo Z9X & Fire Cube 3 as both have DV support.

Can your FireCube 3rd gen play DV files, like MP4 or MKV?  I have a 2nd Gen Cube and it can play DolbyVision content from Amazon only, nothing else.  If I play any downloaded DV content, I just get the weird green purple color shifting.

If the 3rd Gen Cube can play that I may have to buy one.
(2023-05-24, 11:01)slippen Wrote: [ -> ]Any Updates on the version without intel?

For the past 2 months, changes in the work environment of hi-tech corporates forced me to halt all of my open source work (this fork is one of the casualties).

Sorry 😞

I will only be able to continue my efforts once things settle down.
(2023-05-26, 16:56)hdmkv Wrote: [ -> ]
(2023-05-26, 02:58)te36 Wrote: [ -> ]- I am about to play around with older j4125. It does still show the 3D display selection. And when you switch it on under windows 11, you can pretty much reinstall windows 11 because you then only get black picture. Aka: does not work there.
Wondering if it would work under Windows 10. Something like this.

I'm wanting to get back into HTPC solely for 3D. Gave up on an all-in-one box long ago. For 4K, I use Zidoo Z9X & Fire Cube 3 as both have DV support.

That is the opposite of what i fear i will end up with: my Zidoo and Vero 4K for 3D, and a "better" Windows 11 system for all the rest. But i do like to use the windows HTPC on my sony projector for everything, including writing this message, and having a kodi window beside it showing some recorded TV programming. And zidoo is pretty good for the BD3D menus, so Kodi wouldn't necessarily be an improvement - unless of course a kodi developer would take a look if omega or beyond could fix that ;-) 

Yesterday, i figured that all those Intel UHD graphic options are not fast enough to decode/show 3840x2160@60Hz at HDR10, 10 bit. Results ranges from 15 fps for J4125 to 30 fps for N95. So i now ordered a beelink SEi12 which should have ample GPU power. Lets hope it still has 3D option under windows 10. The would at least allow a single box, even if i would need to reboot into windows 10 for 3D.

Let me check 3D on my j4125 with this threads build.
(2023-05-27, 05:34)damagedspline Wrote: [ -> ]
(2023-05-24, 11:01)slippen Wrote: [ -> ]Any Updates on the version without intel?

For the past 2 months, changes in the work environment of hi-tech corporates forced me to halt all of my open source work (this fork is one of the casualties).

Sorry 😞

I will only be able to continue my efforts once things settle down.
Good luck with those "hi-tech corporates". I am wondering myself when i will have 100% time for tinkering myself ;-)

Given how in my recent experience, 3D-Mode/MVC is rather being made almost impossible to use by bugs from microsoft, AMD, Intel (maybe NVidia, haven't tested), i guess its more important right now to even just get those bugs fixed. Or else we can move the Kodi MVC 3D discussion to Linux and custom resolution definition. At least wrt. to HDMI 1.4 mode display.
On both latest Intel (J4125), and AMD (5600G), i have the problem, that i end up with a black screen or crashing display driver - and hilariously complex processes to even recover (see URL in microsoft feedback below). First attempt to do something about it was the attempt to report this on Microsoft Feedback Hub. This is just so that Microsoft puts a fix in so that enabling 3D-Mode in windows setting will be verified, and automatically undone, like resolution changes - when there is no display signal after the change:


First time to use that feedback hub. If there is any better way to report bugs to Microsoft, pls. let me know. I find this completely annoying given how this is not a web service, but that this Feedback Hub will only work on Windows.

But if you use Windows, and you like to have working 3D on it, please upvote the feedback  Smile  (on microsoft feedback hub)

Else, here is a copy https://paste.kodi.tv/ekajajifuf

IMHO, if microsoft does not fix this settings, then i fear newer display drivers will simply not support 3D mode anymore. I think this is what i was seeing on the N95 mini PC boxes, which do not have the 3D Mode option in either windows 10 nor windows 11 (of course, i am just guessing as to why they do not have it).
Hey @damagedspline, you had posted about having an Intel Celeron J4105 box & getting 3D to partially work. Did you ever get it working properly? I have this Beelink NUC-like box laying around, but w/Win11 installed, and was wondering if it might work for 3D.
(2023-05-26, 16:56)hdmkv Wrote: [ -> ]Wondering if it would work under Windows 10. Something like this.

I'm wanting to get back into HTPC solely for 3D. Gave up on an all-in-one box long ago. For 4K, I use Zidoo Z9X & Fire Cube 3 as both have DV support.

I would not expect that results with J4125 will be different than with J4105 which you already have. If they are different, it would not be the CPU, but only the BIOS/firmware - e.g.: i had different max resolution with two different N95 boxes. One vendor screwed up. Aka: start playing with your J4105.

J4105/J4125 on wikipedia - pretty identical.

If you already have windows 10 installed on the J4105, i suggest you do install windows 11 into a separate partition. It will find the existing windows 10, and if that windows 10 is activated/licensed, then so will the windows 11 installation be. And it will install a boot selector automatically so you can on every boot select whether to boot into win10/win11, so easy to compare results. You need to use rufus to build a win11 boot stick, because that will create win11 install without the TPM hardware check. An original microsoft win 11 USB stick won't install on J4xxx because it fails on the missing TPM chip/CPU-support. Just use some unix live usb stick and gparted to shrink the existing win10 install and then install win11 into the new free space on the drive. I always set up an 80G win10 and 80 GB win11 partition, and the rest as shared data for test files (movies etc.).

I would not expect there to be any differences in behavior between win10/win11 though. It's all in the driver, and so far it seems to me, the intel drivers are just becoming worse and worse, the newer they are and the newer the hardware is.

I tested my J4125 with win10 yesterday, and i fear that Intel has screwed up:

Kodi 20 mvc build from this thread does correctly switch to frame packing video - but it does not give me and 3D video. Instead i see it switching between one eye correctly, and the second eye being some desktop garbage leftover. I tried to change that API parameter in kodi 4,6,8,10,12, 18, 20. No significant difference. No idea how one could further troubleshoot this.

However: Try to install https://potplayer.daum.net/. It will play 3D MVC (my test file is makemkv rip of my avatar MD3D). And display with frame packing. However: It does download/install libmfx64.dll, so my guess is that it may work because it does not rely on the likely newer MVC decode in the system Intel driver for the display, but that libmfx64.dll library. Which is an older 8.xxx version from 2018. And i think to remember from older discussions in this forum, that intel might have messed up MVC afterwards, maybe stopped testing (but i am paranoid).

However2: Unfortunately, it seems as if the whole software decoding pipeline with libmfx is too much for the J4xxx CPU, and it is dropping frames. And it is dropping frames independent of eyes, which makes the video quite unwatchable, because the left eye will not match the right eye for some frames. Great tool for induced puking Confused

Potplayer works great without frame drops on my AMD Ryzen, where the CPU is a lot faster. Except that if you have a display that also does 4K/HDR (like i do), then you can easily end up with black screen (wrong signal selection by driver when switching to 3D mode). Should not be a problem on an older, non-4K 3D displays (TV) though.

Now, your older 17.6/18.x MVC builds did work back in the day on my AMD Ryzen too, but only after installed libmfx*.dll (don't quite remember if yours where 64 or 32 bit builds of kodi). Aka: AMD does not support the Intel MVC HW pipeline. And i think back then even the 8.xxx version of libmfx didn't work. I have to yet recreate that working old state though on the AMD to re-verify the details.
I start to wonder if Intel is going to be a useful HTPC platform for 3D going forward:
1. The 3D Mode (for HDMI 1.4) in Windows 10/11 Display settings is gone in newer platforms (tested j5095, N95,i1235u).
2. The Intel Media SDK on first glimpse does not seem to have MVC anymore from 2021 on (i downloaded the 2018 and 2021 versions and couldn't find the libmfx files in the 2021 version anymore).

I checked my trusty AMD 5600G system again, and in summary (details below):

PotPlayer does nicely play 3D MVC with HDMI 1.4 output. So it should be possible to configure it as an external player in Kodi for now.

The old Kodi 18.2 MVC build from @hdmkv shows MVC and 3D Mode work, but it is not really useable.

Alas, i couldn't get any MVC decode from @damagedspline builds ;-(

Here are the details of those three options i saw, latest 2023/05 AMD display drivers and BD3D mkv file:

1. Kodi 18.2 MVC build

MVC decode with side-by-side display works fine when playing from beginning.  Selecting DXVA vs. Software and DXVA2 acceleration or not seems to make a differences. With DXVA/DXVA2, CPU is at about 13%, GPU at 10%, with Softare only, CPU peaks at 30%, GPU stays at 7%.

Problem: When jumping to some position in the file or restarting to some position, the picture becomes very jumpy. Looked at it side-by-side without 3D decoding by TV, it seems the right eye is jumpy, and the left eye may range from correct, to some flashes to also being jumpy. Also depending on what Decoding option was choosen. Aka: can not jump into movie position. Does also not correct itself over time.

HDMI 1.4 Hardware based playback will work if it is enabled from Windows Settings, and Kodi is run windowed. You may also need to resize the window after playback starts just a bit to kick in 3D decoding.  When finishing 3D playback though, GUI is messed up thought.

When you go to fullscreen (fullscreen window or not) with HDMI 1.4 Hardware based placyback, assist playback, AMD driver may crash or picture turns dark, or crap is displayed.

2. MVC builds from @damagedspline

With both an 19.4 build and the latest 20.1 build, i fail to get any MVC decode, even with just side-by-side display. When i select DXVA, i get black picture, when i select software, i do get only 2D (both eyes same). Independent of which MVC decoder level i select. Of course, i have not tried all combinations of 0...35 decoder level and DXVA/software/DXVA2, but quite a few.

So, given how the 18.2 does already do a pretty good job, i wonder if maybe some of the newer system libraries with which @dmagedspline may have built the 19x/20x MVC may be at fault or maybe need to be called with e.g.: lower DXVA versions or the like..

3.  Potplayer

Works out of the box:

Download from https://potplayer.daum.net/.
- "3D Video Mode settings" -> "Enable H.264 MVC 3D Decoder" [X]
- "3D Video Output (Screen)" -> "Stereoscopic 3D (Windows 8)"
  (That is frame packing / HDMI 1.4 FullHD 3D).
- Likely need to also download OpenCodec for audio to work, but
  no need for ffmpeg or libmfx library install.

Intel® Integrated and Discrete Graphics Driver Support for Stereoscopic 3D is Discontinued from the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family (Formerly Known as Alder Lake) Onwards
The Intel® Graphics Drivers for the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family (Formerly Known as Alder Lake) and onwards, including Intel® Arc™, will discontinue the support for Stereoscopic 3D


Was i the only one who didn't know ? Or was this a Douglas Adams style announcement ?
Any chance that you come back to this code this year?
Personally, I'd stay with the v20 nexus version.
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