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Full Version: Libreelec / Kodi / Amber not showing actors
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I'm a complete newbie and total amatuer with regards the Raspberry Pi4, Libreelec, Kodi and the Amber Skin.

It's been a big learning curve. Please be gentle with me! Blush

I've successfully installed all of the above on the Pi4 along with the Universal Movie Scraper etc.

Now in the viewing panel each of my movies now have cover, year, plot, director and genre, however I can't find a way of displaying the actors as well.


Can anyone throw some light on where and how this can be done?

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(2021-11-24, 18:23)Grenjs Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone throw some light on where and how this can be done?

@Grenjs , the cast is only displayed in the video information dialog for each movie/tv show/episode.  It is not displayed while browsing the library.  If you want to see the cast information, please press i on your remote or keyboard, or the key you have mapped to Info in your remote.  So, taking your example with Panel view type, if I go to the movie First Man:


And press i (Info), I get the following screen:


And there as you can see is the cast information.

Please let me know if this is what you were looking for.  I welcome any additional questions that you may have.  Thanks.


Thanks Bart.

Your reply is very much appreciated and now it makes sense.

Many thanks for taking the time for taking the screenshots too. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.