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Full Version: What is the best practice to transfer Kodi settings ?
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Hi all,

Actual I use a Fire TV 4K, but I have bought a Fire Cube.
What is the best practice to transfer all Kodi settings and database from the Fire TV 4K to the Fire Cube?
(I assume, I have to use adbLink or similar)
For a transfer like that (within the same OS family) you can probably use the backup addon (in the official repo) and then transfer the backup file to the cube and restore it there (same addon).

The problems come about when you're trying to do it across different OS's, where drive naming and path conventions differ.
Even with a single device this is where an sql db and an nfs share comes in handy. the storage path never changes. One can copy almost the entire config file for file if you want to regardless of OS. A few exceptions. But makes it easy.