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Full Version: Installation of webdav or davfs on openelec
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Hello all,

I have a question about openelec again. Sorry but unfortunately I am currently forced to support openelc for my customer.
Can I install on openelec webdav drivers e.g. davfs or davfs2. With curl I could get "cadaver" for example. But i only found a cadaver for MACOS.
how does the installation of cadaver or other webdav drivers look like.

does anyone have any advice.

many thanks and greetings
The development of OpenELEC was stopped almost 7 years ago. So how are you "forced" to support it to your 'customer'? OpenELEC is/was free open-source software.
i have a customer who uses openelec on a songbox for old people's homes and people with dementia. the customer has gema deutschland licensed songs on the songbox, for which the customer has paid a lot of money. Since the boxes are in circulation, we can not currently set to libreelc. now I'm looking for a way to mount a source from a web server to openelc. Otherwise, if the customer wants to customize the songs, he has to send the song box back again and again and unfortunately play new ones on the storage. It is better to mount a server source to open elc.

VG Joerg
OE is an archeology exercise these days. Start by explaining which OE version you have? (ergo, which Kodi version) and what hardware? as that ultimately dictates your options.
(2021-11-25, 15:34)Funeddy Wrote: [ -> ]the customer has gema deutschland licensed songs on the songbox, for which the customer has paid a lot of money.
Is this licence tied to OpenElec, or simply a licence to play the songs?

If the latter... then they can be played on any kit, surely?
Just to let you know. The same user asks the same questions at Kodinerds.

I'm not sure if he's generally allowed to sell Kodi without permission of the Foundation. Maybe @keith or some of our board members are able to speak up and let him know if it's ok or not.

I already told him at Kodinerds to get in contact with the team. Just to make sure he's safe to do what he does (in case he is selling Kodi to his customers). AFAICT and what I've read so far, he does the full support of what he's offering. So I guess it's ok. But I'm not too sure.
It's covered in our distribution policy, which itself forms part of our wider trademark policy.

I would suggest that @Funeddy (and anyone else related to this) reads those as a starting point. If there are still questions beyond that, then we can enter into a dialogue to resolve any issues from either side.
As the discussion goes on on Kodinerds, there's some light in the dark...

This user here (@Funeddy) is asking for support for a box which another person sold to an "old age home"/retirement home (not sure if that translates well). 


This user is also present on this forum: @peters-karaoke 

Renting this box costs 48€ for 3 days (wtf)

This person (Peter) sold this box 5 years ago with OpenELEC preinstalled and obviously with a modified skin. So...the only person who is able to give support for this outdated box is "Peter" and all questions should be pointed to his email.
Thanks for that info, DaVu.

It most certainly sounds like Funeddy should be seeking support from Peter, the paid provider, who - after all - is renting this box out and therefore should be responsible for supporting it. 

Else... why continue to pay rental?

So.. I disagree with "unfortunately I am currently forced to support openelc for my customer" - there's nothing unfortunate about this, and they're not your customer to support... they're Peter's customer.
That's exactly my point

There's 100% no need to "support" this box in its current state. Funeddy is free to change the OS at any time he wishes to do so. Beside technical handicaps (because he's not tech-savvy to do so) there's no reason to keep OpenELEC installed.

And yes. All support questions should be pointed to @peters-karaoke as he's the one who sold this box.

We've seen this way to often in the past. Person "A" sells a Box to group "B" and person "B" asks for support here (which should be given by person "A") to satisfy group "B". That's not how it should work. I'm feeling kind of sorry, that Funeddy is in this situation, but unfortunately, there's not much we can do at this point.

I would suggest a fresh (maintained) installation with LibreELEC if that fits. Or ask the seller for support.

Regarding the rental...it's obviously not "needed" to rent this box. You are also able to "buy" it. But looking at the rental costs I'm not sure if I really want to know how much the price is if I want to buy it. It seems like a 40$ Android box to me. So even 3 days of rental is already over the price. But yeah. Not much we can do about that either.
(2021-12-04, 14:40)DaVu Wrote: [ -> ]All support questions should be pointed to @peters-karaoke as he's the one who sold this box.

I doubt he'll read this forum thread... Last Visit: 18-12-2016, 10:17.