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Full Version: Kodi 19.3 and game emulators usin Linux Mint ?
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I appreciate all of the helpful people here.  That is first and foremost.  I'm a 50 year old male, with sever brain damage from a car crash effecting my short term memory.  I don't complain, I try to adapt.  That being said I leave notes about things to help me remember what I have found regarding technical stuff.  I had a back ground in Toyota Car  repair for 26 years.  Web design, IT work at car dealership. etc.  In one car crash, everything went away and for 5 years I have been adapting.  Learning Linux has been a part of my therapy.  It gets me thru days that can be sad and sometimes negative if you let them.

When I installed Internet Archive Game Launcher on my Kodi for Firestick Cube, it works great.  Since I use my laptop for many tasks each day, (I5 Processor with 16 GB memory) I wanted to play some of the same games as on my TV.  

My struggle is my laptop can't seem to run or allow my to add emulators to play the downloaded games I already own.  So now I wonder if using Linux Mint is that just a challenge I need to accept using Kodi?  I do use a Snes9x on my Linux Mint laptop and it works great.  It is a emulator in essence, so If I want to do it using Kodi 19.3 on my laptop is that even possible?  Or do I use Kodi for the other things I works well on, and just as of NOW, use the emulators available thru my software manager in Mint?

I'm sorry for saying so much, but I want the reader to know who I am and that I'm willing to learn and better myself.  My brain doctors say having brain damage and ADHD that video games are therapy for me.  I agree with it, but don't like asking for help.  Since I have spent almost 60 days trying this on my own, its time to ask the kodi community for direction!

Thanks your for reading this and hopefully replying with direction for me to follow.

​​​​​​​a.k.a MrBill 

You can do it on linux! Installing the game addons on linux is slightly different. You need to install game addons from the linux command line first:

First, close Kodi and bring up the linux terminal if it's open. If you havent even installed kodi yet, you can follow the instructions here.

This command will install everything available for Kodi that can play games:

apt-get install kodi-game*

You may also need to install joystick support:

apt-get install kodi-peripheral-joystick

Restart Kodi and the game addons should now be available. You might get a message about activating them after restarting Kodi.

Good luck!