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Full Version: InfoLabels Pvr.NextEPGEventIcon and VideoPlayer.NextEpisodeName ?
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Hi Guys,
This is my first post and I ask you for help on how to fix a screenshot to the default Estuary skin when I'm on fullscreen Live TV.
I have installed and configured the Keymap Editor addon, everything ok.
With the "ok" button on the remote control (when I watch the tv program in fullscreen mode)  I open my "Custom_1106_Test.xml" screen (screenshot below attached) it is in alternative of "Info Screen"


I have read and reread the InfoLabels page but can't find how to add the next Poster and next Episode Name.

There is a way to see
$ INFO [Pvr.NextEPGEventIcon] and
$ INFO [VideoPlayer.NextEpisodeName]

Thanks in advance
Here is my FR for this:

But unfortunately no one implemented this yet
Your post is two years old
Ok, I think I get it...
Hi Guys
after 2 months, because I don't know anything about python, json and .xml, I have obtained the two information and I have my custom skin.
I watch for 90% of my time the Live TV
I create the epg file with all the information I need (title, episodes, description, poster etc ...) with webgrab+ and I pass the info to tvheandend.
This (I don't understand anything about python and json) is the script I created, one for the poster and one for episodename


import xbmc
import xbmcaddon
import xbmcgui
import json
from json import dumps

addon = xbmcaddon.Addon()

def NextEpisodeName():

json_string = {'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'id': 'VideoGetItem', 'method': 'Player.GetItem', 'params': {'playerid':1}}

json_string = json.dumps(json_string)
result = xbmc.executeJSONRPC(json_string)
json_rpc = json.loads(result)
chid = json_rpc['result']['item']['id']

json_name = {'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'id': 1, 'method': 'PVR.GetChannelDetails', 'params': {'channelid': int(chid), 'properties': ['broadcastnext']}}

json_name = json.dumps(json_name)
result = xbmc.executeJSONRPC(json_name)
result = json.loads(result)

return result['result']['channeldetails']['broadcastnext']['episodename']
# return result['result']['channeldetails']['broadcastnext']['thumbnail']


xbmcgui.Window(xbmcgui.getCurrentWindowId()).setProperty('MyLabel', NextEpisodeName())

The scripts are the same only the result is different, there is a metod for use only one script ? (I spent two weeks but I'm not able)
In my custom skin I use these


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<window type="dialog" id="1106">
    <defaultcontrol always="true">9000</defaultcontrol>
    <animation effect="fade" start="0" end="100" time="100" delay="500">WindowOpen</animation>
        <control type="group">
        <control type="group">                                <!-- Screen Info NEXT -->
            <include content="ContentPanel">
                <param name="left" value="946" />
                <param name="width" value="994" />
                <param name="top" value="-20" />
            <control type="image" id="1">
                <aspectratio align="center" aligny="center">keep</aspectratio>
                <texture fallback="DefaultTVShows.png">$INFO[Window(12005).Property(MyPoster)]</texture>
            <control type="label" id="1">

Thanks in advace
No help ?
A suggestion ?

Thank in advance
OK Guys solved !
Everything works fine

Close post
Perhaps post what you did, so if anyone finds this thread when wanting to do something similar. That way they will find a solution instead of having to figure it out for themselves, as I assume you've done.
In the script I have inserted a "class" and an "instance"
class NextInfo:
    def __init__(self, info):
        self.info = info

    def broadcast(self):
        return self.info

Now the script works fine