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Full Version: How do I make Amber show movie details?
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Im wanting to make Amber look like the image in the link below, with a list at the right hand side and detail of the film at the left.  I thought this was set (or it is in other skins) by bringing up the menu at the left and selecting the view type but I cant get this menu to open in Amber.  Am I doing something wrong?
Also, is it possible to get Amber to auto scroll through my movies and change the background as it scrolls through to the fanart page?  Sorry, but have been messing about with it for ages and dont seem to be getting anywhere - is there a doc explaining how to set Amber up maybe?
I think what I want to do is make Low List the view in Amber - but how do I do it?
@Blinky2134 , the image in your first post is the List view, not Low List.  If I understand you correctly, you would like to have the Low List viewtype to be used by default? If so, the best way to do this is to enable the new media views selector:


In order for this to work, you need the addon script.skinvariables installed and enabled.  Please make sure that you get version 0.2.4 or higher.  If you are using Matrix, you can get it here: https://github.com/jurialmunkey/reposito...-0.2.8.zip

Once you enable that setting, you can click on "Configure Media Views":


And then you can select which view type you would like to always have for each type of media.  For example, if I want to always see my Episodes in Low List, I would click on "Library - Episodes", and then select "Low List":



After that, you can go back to your library, and you will always have Episodes in Low List view, like you see here:


You can do the same steps for all of the other media types that you would like to see in Low List.  This method also allows you to choose media views for different media types in plugins, like YouTube or Netflix.

To answer your other question, there is no setting in Amber that will allow your library to automatically scroll when you are browsing.  You can, of course, choose to have the movie/tv show fanart be the background as you browse.

Please let me know if this is what you were looking for.  Thanks.


Brilliant! Thanks for all that, just what I wanted!