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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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Ah, okay. I don’t know what classes left in memory that can’t be cleaned up means. That won’t cause problems with my device?
A warning cause never problems with your device. It's just a hint.
Great. Thanks for clearing that up.
Somehow I have lost the Favourites option and cannot see a way to restore it.
Anyone help please ?
### 3.4.1+matrix.3 ###
  • Bugfix in Variables.xml

### 4.0.1+nexus.3 ###
  • Introducing new PVR widgets 'Timers' and 'Saved search results'
  • Bugfix in Variables.xml
(2022-06-04, 09:13)hostile17 Wrote: [ -> ]Somehow I have lost the Favourites option and cannot see a way to restore it.
Anyone help please ?

Reset the main menue: Settings -> Skin -> Home menu -> Reset main menu settings.
I tried to edit the channel list view according to the previous version.

I don't know if it is worth saying now, but the python crashes in Embuary Info are resolved as from 3.10.5
Don't know if I miss something, but the version I have is Sualfred 2.0.8 (Kodi repo). I don't see any update. Tnx.
3.10.5 means the Python version that is implemented and used by Kodi. The earlier versions crashed some addons, also Embuary Info.
### 3.4.1+matrix.4 / 4.0.1+nexus.4 ###
  • Textures update
  • Movie set Info fixed
  • Category 'PVR & Live TV' in skin settings added
  • changeable list height for channel and program OSD implemented

Screenshots are from Nexus Version



Thanks @_BJ1  Looks great.
Hey there,

i don't know if it's just me or a bug, but for me it looks like on the artist information screen the "complete discography" and "Fanarts list" buttons do not do anything and nothing of both shows up.
I can see the discography when using the default estuary skin, though. And there IS info about other albums available, see
Kodi crashes when in Movies section. It happens a few seconds after selecting Movies ?!
Hi @_BJ1, can you add radio channel groups in radio widget, like tv channel groups? The standard Estuary has it.
If is possible and you have time, please add this option.
Thanks for all your work on this cool skin.