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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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This has just be done, a new version is available at github (Matrix, Nexus) and will be provided next week on Kodinerds repo.
### 3.4.1+matrix.5 / 4.0.1+nexus.5 ###
  • Bugfix in Video OSD
  • Radio Channel Groups in Home Menu added
  • settings button from music info removed
  • special settings for artists, extra fanart and discography removed
For PVR, is there a way to show EPGEventIcon instead of channel logo under recently played channels widget?
No. This is not possible.
### 3.4.1+matrix.6 / 3.4.1+nexus.6 ### *
  • Fix cast aspect ratio for 21:9 displays
  • Improved Next Popup for TV-Shows

@_BJ1 I got triggered by your 21:9 fix.. I have such a monitor so I could test the skin and see what the Modv2/KN fuzz is about... Wink

I see that the Dutch translation of your skin is still at v1.0 (unless that version number was never updated), but it could use some updates AFAICT. Is it okay to make the changes and upload the .po file somewhere for you?
Thanks for contribution. You could make a PR against the repository https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary.modv2 or create an issue and append the .po there.

Me and github are not the best of friends, but we'll see.
No problem, just PM me.

Well, I installed the Modv2 KN skin on a RPi4, and I think some things need a bit of attention. These are only a couple random observations.
  • I'm not sure if the RPi4 handles fonts differently, but some of them are now bold, and it makes a couple of text boxes unable to fit the text, such as a date 22-04-... and a TV rating(?) indicator TV .... Sometimes that date field scrolls its contents, most of the time it doesn't.
  • I'm still using Kodi's default English language, but your date display shows a dot after the day number like is customary in Germany.
  • In most windows, the titles of each section are centered near the middle, while all their items are properly shown on the left. This format looks pretty ugly IMO on a widescreen display. Having the section titles also starting from the left would be more aesthetically pleasing.

Screenshots are a bit problematic with a RPi4 these days, but if necessary I can get you something. Also, I am using profiles in Kodi. No idea if that will affect anything.
As I'm not own a widescreen display (the fix came from a PR on github: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary.modv2/pull/64) there maybe indeed a lot of unknown issues which are simply invisible for me. The best way is to provide some screenshots to see what's happened on 21:9 displays.  Fonts should be independent from screen ratios, so I'm not shure why some text parts are bold and not fitting into the flag boxes.
Quote:I'm still using Kodi's default English language, but your date display shows a dot after the day number like is customary in Germany.
This has just been fixed and the date display uses the long date format set in regional settings.
(2022-07-08, 22:54)_BJ1 Wrote: [ -> ]This has just been fixed
Nice.. And here are a couple of screenshots of my widescreen monitor.

A few comments for starters:
  • All empty video/music pages have this bold font in it as text. It looks a bit too much, over the top.
  • In the Music Videos screen it just says "Your video library" and not "Your music video library". Is this by design?
  • I only have some TV shows in my video library now, but I'm not sure what is supposed to be displayed above each thumb where now the film camera logo is on top.
  • In the LibreELEC Settings Add-on, the section titles are not entirely centered. but Kodi GUI section titles in general are centered (yet I don't like both of them, the centered texts are much too far away in a widescreen display...)
  • The menu blocks in the Kodi settings are only 4 blocks across. Why not more, so you can avoid having to scroll down? There is plenty of room on a wide screen.
  • I think that "HEVC" as text in its logo/icon below should be a bit more vertically centered in the icon. It's too close to the top now. Just a personal preference.
Thank you for the images. Now are some things a little bit clearer.
  1. This has been the case since V18 (Leia) in Guilouz's original and will not be changed. When the sections are filled with content, this screen is no longer visible anyway.
  2. This is a wrong strings.po item. Will be fixed.
  3. The TV show widget should show the banner of the show instead of the camera. If your scraper is not able to scrape banners, just turn them off: Settings -> Skin -> Home menu -> Costumize Main menu -> TV-Shows -> disable "Show banners in episodes/thumbs widgets
  4. Must look over and possibly fix, my Dev-PC is a Linux system (no Core-/LibreElec)
  5. Must look over Wink
  6. It's a graphical issue and has to be fixed, also the flag boxes.
I normally don't use banners, therefore they weren't scraped, so that's easy to explain. I still have to explore all the added features and settings in the Modv2 skin anyway.
Right, skin.estuary.modv2-3.4.1+matrix.7 fixed all stuff that I listed AFAICT, apart from the version number in the info screen Tongue
Nice work anyways. See the new screengrabs here: https://imgur.com/a/r5Nu7XP