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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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(2022-01-10, 22:28)TheJezstarr Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know if this is a skin thing, or another addon, but the upcoming episodes widget seems to display things in the wrong order; shouldn't the one on the far left be the soonest and the right be the furthest away?

Also, the 'next episode to watch' has suddenly started listing them numerically, rather than most recently watched. So all season 1 shows are listed first, then all season 2... etc.
What addon is the skin using for these widgets?
Sort order for upcoming episodes has been changed by date first now. The 'next episode to watch' will use the order as is provided by embuary script helper. Both widgets are using the embuary script helper calls. I've made some changes to this. Available with the next update.
Excellent, I'll check out the update and tinker with embuary script helper if it persists.
### 3.3.1+matrix.2 ###
  • Bug fixed for deleting animated artwork of TV Shows
  • Reimplemented Home button for DVD/BR menus in Video OSD
  • Audio toggle button in OSD video menu implemented
  • Introducing simplyfied OSD menu (Netflix style)
  • Changes to widget sort order as mentioned above
I would like to use this skin instead of Arctic Zephyr 2 because this is a faster skin but the widgets are not working as in AZ2. What I am mentioning below everything can set in AZ2. These widgets are working in AZ2 but Estuary MOD V2 don't:
- If I set a custom picture folder (from NAS) in the widgets the pictures are not showing. Can I set a picture folder to show pictures at the part of widgets?
- If I set my subscriptions for widgets from youtube to show the newest videos it is not showing in the widgets.

- If I set the settings to show the settings part of the kodi these are not showing. This:
All of these problems are the skin problems or just I didn't find the apropriate setting? If these are my fault please let me know how can I set these widgets. If I wasn't clear I will describe better.
(2022-01-23, 20:20)Aldebaran Wrote: [ -> ]If I set a custom picture folder (from NAS) in the widgets the pictures are not showing. Can I set a picture folder to show pictures at the part of widgets?
This is not possible for folders in this skin.
Quote:If I set my subscriptions for widgets from youtube to show the newest videos it is not showing in the widgets.
I don't have a solution for this. Maybe others.
Quote:If I set the settings to show the settings part of the kodi these are not showing.
The settings menu has been simplified.
With regards to the movie information displayed on the Infowall screen for a movie: I am trying to understand how the skin determines the MPAA rating to be displayed.  As an example I have an .nfo file with the below lines add it gets displayed with an MPAA of U.

<mpaa>Rated R for violence throughout, language and brief nudity</mpaa>

I tried changing it to the below and the MPAA rating no longer was displayed.


Do I have this coded incorrectly or is there a bug in the skin?
Rated R isn't implemented: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary....#L798-L821

It makes sense to do it Wink . Just wait for the next update.
Couple of other issues I have noticed related to MPAA.
PG-13 some times shows up as TV 13
G and PG show up as a -
NC-17 doesn't seem to be supported.

Are you using the <mpaa> field or the <certification field>
I'm using the mpaa that comes from ListItem.mpaa. The rules for displaying mpaa or tv are described in the link in post #24 and follows the guideline here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TV_Parental_Guidelines

MPAA ratings have been revised now.
### 3.3.1+matrix.3 ###
  • improved MPAA detection and handling
  • improved OSD menu (thanks to Solo0815)
  • minor fixes
  • several language file updates (thanks to all contributors)
(2022-01-28, 12:51)_BJ1 Wrote: [ -> ]### 3.3.1+matrix.3 ###
  • improved MPAA detection and handling
  • improved OSD menu (thanks to Solo0815)
  • minor fixes
  • several language file updates (thanks to all contributors)
When trying to update, I get the msg : Dependency on script.skin.helper.colorpicker version 4.0.2 could not be satisfied. Advise plse. Tnx.
This issue has been fixed. Search for Updates again (left blade in Addons) and then (re)update the skin.
Thanks for continuing to maintain the wonderful skin!  I have installed the latest update with the new MPAA changes.  I hate to say it but I think it's worse now than it was before.  Some of the issues I have discovered:
   1) PG-13 and NC-17 are being displayed as PG... and NC...
   2) All of the TV rating, when using the mpaa-tv.png, are to far to the left and are stepping on the TV
   3) Some ratings are showing up as "U" when they should be something else.  I figured out this is due to expanded text that can be part of the MPAA field.  For example: Rated R for brief strong language "or" Rated PG-13 for violence, language and some sensuality
   4) At least in the US there are ratings of "Approved" and "Not Rated".  These are not coded for.

I am no expert with skinning, however, I believe I have come up with a new version of Variables.xml (MPAA sections below) that I believe address items 3 and 4.  I have no idea how to fix items 1 and 2.  Please feel free to use my code, or not. If I messed things up please let me know where I went wrong.


<variable name="MPAAImageVar">
// <value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,12) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,16) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,18) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,U) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,0) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,6)">flags/mpaa.png</value>
// <value condition="String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,12) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,16) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,18) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,U) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,0) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,6)">flags/mpaa.png</value>
// <value condition="String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),12) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),16) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),18) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),U) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),0) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),6)">flags/mpaa.png</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-Y7) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-Y) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-PG) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-G)| String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-14) | String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-MA)">flags/mpaa-tv.png</value>
<variable name="MPAAFlagVar">
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-Y7)">Y7</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-Y)">Y</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-PG)">PG</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-G)">G</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-14)">14</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,TV-MA)">MA</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,Approved) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,Approved) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),Approved)">AP</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,Rated R) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,Rated R) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),Rated R)">R</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,Rated PG-13) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,Rated PG-13) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),Rated PG-13)">PG-13</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,Rated PG) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,Rated PG) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),Rated PG)">PG</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,Rated G) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,Rated G) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),Rated G)">G</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,Rated NC-17) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,Rated NC-17) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),Rated NC-17)">NC-17</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,Not Rated) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,Not Rated) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),Not Rated)">NR</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,12) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,12) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),12)">12</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,13) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,13) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),13)">13</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,14) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,14) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),14)">12</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,16) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,16) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),16)">16</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,18) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,18) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),18)">18</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,U) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,U) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),U)">U</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,0) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,0) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),0)">0</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,6) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,6) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),6)">6</value>