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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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Line 25 above should be:


<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.mpaa,14) | String.Contains(Container(60).ListItem.mpaa,14) | String.Contains(Window(Home).Property(PVR.Artwork.ListItem.mpaa),14)">14</value>
Thank you for your contribution. In Europe (especially  Germany) the ratings follows the FSK what is simply "Rated 0", "Rated 6", "Rated 12", "Rated 16" or "Rated 18" and is the mpaa rating of TMDB when language settings are applied to Europe. So I never had a view to test it with US ratings. This issues to item 1) as the flag is too small for displaying the whole text within. Will fix this (and second item to).

@hslansky I've commited an issue to myself on Github with a Zip of all changes concerning the mpaa issue. Can you please try the changes?
 The link: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary.modv2/issues/38

Tested out the change, looks really good.  I haven't found any situations that aren't working as expected.
is possibly to implement in section prv winget source https://www.csfd.cz/televize/ . Here we have tips for this day in tv.

Thanks Martin
This has to be done by a scraper module of the addon "German Telecast Offers". To do this, you need to find someone who can analyze the above page and script this module.
Ok the setup of the czech scraper was simple, but the addon itself needs a czech translation file. As I'm not speaking czech language, this is part of yours. Wink

Ok - were is locatet setting ? 

ia possibly to share with me?

Right click within the browser window and choose "save as". Replace all empty msgstr "" with your czech translation - this would be the easiest way. Send the File to my mail account (have just send to you).

Thank You.
Wow, that goes fast!  Smile
No problem 

is possibly to share this version of skin with me?
The only thing you have to do is to update/install the addon "Telecast Offers" (formerly "German Telecast Offers") from the Kodinerds Repo. You can do this also from within the skin (Settings -> Skins -> needed Addons).
Thanks but i try uninstall and again install and i don´t see it in menu.


and i have here only :

thanks martin
Hmm, last version is 3.0.7+matrix.1 from this night. Try to reinstall the nerdsrepo addon - https://repo.kodinerds.net/addons/reposi....0.1.1.zip - or go to the left blade in addon and search for updates.