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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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From this source is nice and working

I have few notes:

in TV sechtion i have not translate text:


And here is also problem with my traslation and code.


is possibly to added here also rating from csfd ?
thanks martin
  • Restart Kodi. Changes in translations will be available after restart
  • check the language file here: https://github.com/b-jesch/script.servic...strings.po If there's an incorrect translation or spelling, open an issue. Btw. what you've marked above is exactly what you've send me...
  • some scrapers provide IMDB ratings
  • ratings from csfd is possible, but I have no spare time atm. Sorry
  • PVR Artwork context menu removed
  • Animated Artwork context menu removed
  • Script service.py modified (all parts of PVR Artwork, animated Artwork removed)
  • Dependency to PVR Artwork Module bumped to 2.0.0
  • new audio, subtitle and PVR flags
  • minor modification of small OSD menu
The context menu parts are now integrated in their own addons. PVR artwork module has bumped to 2.0.0.

I am trying to install the latest version of the skin on a firestick tv 4k , matrix 19.3 (32bit) , from a zip , from the repository but it fails every time
does this mod work on the fire stick 4k?
The Kodinerds Repository has been updated from to yesterday. Maybe you should update the Repository Addon first? The Mod should work on a Fire Stick. If you install from Zip (not recommended), install the PVR Artwork Module first.

Yes I used the latest repo, downloaded from your webpage , re installed again , same results

Tried install from zip , PVR , it said installation failed

Any ideas or suggestions i should try?
Turn on debugging (system -> Debugging), try to install again the addon which has failed and provide a kodi.log.
MAX404, thank you for the quick response.

It seems that the downloaded files are defect or not downloaded properly:

2022-02-08 14:46:13.820 T:23098 DEBUG <general>: CAddonInstaller: installing from zip '/storage/emulated/0/Downloader/script.module.pvr.artwork-2.0.2.zip'
2022-02-08 14:46:13.823 T:23098 DEBUG <general>: ZipManager: not a zip file!
2022-02-08 14:46:13.824 T:23098 ERROR <general>: GetDirectory - Error getting zip://%2fstorage%2femulated%2f0%2fDownloader%2fscript.module.pvr.artwork-2.0.2.zip/


2022-02-08 14:46:51.391 T:23098 DEBUG <general>: CAddonInstaller: installing from zip '/storage/emulated/0/Downloader/skin.estuary.modv2-3.4.0+matrix.1.zip' 2022-02-08 14:46:51.396 T:23098 DEBUG <general>: ZipManager: not a zip file!
2022-02-08 14:46:51.397 T:23098 ERROR <general>: GetDirectory - Error getting zip://%2fstorage%2femulated%2f0%2fDownloader%2fskin.estuary.modv2-3.4.0%2bmatrix.1.zip/

Don't know why. Maybe there is not enough disk space or download is corrupt. If you can access the directory above, look up for the file size of the zip(s) and try to delete the content of the folder and install again. I've just downloaded myself these addons and the content within could be unzipped without problems (you can try it out for yourself).


EDIT: If file size is only a few (k)bytes, rename them to *.txt and look into the file.
Hello just signed up to say this seems to be isolated to your skin somehow. Everything else in Kodinerds repo will open and install. Whenever I click on your skin from the repo it won't even open to the install screen and it just closes Kodi.
@Legion123 Please provide more info: Kodi version, distribution, OS or platform.
Kodi 19.3. sorry no clue what you mean by distribution, OS is Andriod 9.0.0 API level 28. I'm on a shield is that helps more.
No problem installing on PC.
In our forum are some reports about installation problems on Android devices. The cause seems to be new Android versions that ship with Python 3.10, among others on the Shield mainly with Nexus, but also Matrix. Only Android is affected, the installation of the Kodinerds repository and the addons within works fine on Windows, Linux (and macOS?) as well as on the LibreElec and CoreElec distributions. My development equipment here are devices with Ubuntu (x86), CoreElec on ARM, LibreElec on x86 and all works fine.


Sorry for the late reply

Indeed the problems were the files
resource.images.moviegenreicons.estuarymod-1.0.4+matrix only 72kb
script.module.pvr.artwork-2.0.2 only 72kb
skin.estuary.modv2-3.4.0+matrix.1 only 72kb

What i did , I used the app Downloader ( firestick) to download the repo from Kodinerds , that file seem fine , right size (428kb) and Kodi did install it , once the repo was installed , I used it to try to install the mod , it failed every time (same as @Legion123 , few posts above) , as you saw in the kodi.log
I used the Downloader app to download the mods directly from you web page and i got the files mention above
Today i downloaded them to my PC and then with an USB I installed them , no problem mod installed. I have to say I had to insist to download the files from your web page , I couple times i got stuck... maybe is my network fault ( work site )

I have installed all the necessary add on and your repo, will see if the next upgrade goes without problem