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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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I found both and they are both installed with a check mark beside them. Still no background.

Here are for example are my settings for a Home Screen menu item labeled Update Kodi Library.
  • Choose item for menu = Update Kodi Library
  • Change action = UpdateLibrary(video,,true)
  • Set label = Update Kodi Library
  • Set thumbnail = special://skin/extras/icons/update.png
  • Select background = special://skin/extras/home-images/video.jpg
  • Personalize 'Categories' widget
  • Set type of widgets = None
I have reproduced your example (sorry, german only). Works as expected.



Please set Kodi (with your new menu item) in debug mode, restart Kodi and provide a debug log. Use Kodi log uploader addon for that.
### 4.1.2+nexus ###
  • introducing auto stop timer (stop player after an amount of time when player is paused, configurable)
  • fix condition (issue #123)
  • add season label to flix view items (tv show season view)
  • convert all home images to baseline JPEG format specification
  • fix pause bug on PVR related OSD Info, remove pause on info for LiveTV/Recordings
I'll get those logs this weekend.

Interesting observation tonight. I notice my Main Menu Power icon has a Quit background and the Search icon has a Search background.

So those two have backgrounds that are working.

Thank you for all you help, I'll get that log up soon. 

(BTW, I have to figure out on this site how to paste in screen captures like you have done. I am sure they would help.)
Here is my log file.


I see quite a few errors, but that maybe due to it being an upgrade rather than a clean install. If necessary I could do a clean install.

BTW, backgrounds are not showing up on my Smart TV and Windows 10 and I have been trying both.
This is not a debug log file. Please set kodi in debug mode (System, Logging, enable debug logging), restart kodi and provide a new log.
Here you go. This time I believe I have exactly what you are looking for: I tried to duplicate the issue by assigning a background to the WatchedList item on my Main Menu.

I'm sorry to say that there is no evidence of incorrect graphics loading in the log. The only (multiple) entries I have noticed are these:


2023-06-24 20:24:53.726 T:15632 warning <CSettingDependencyCondition>: unable to check condition on unknown setting "max_multiple_fanart"
2023-06-24 20:24:53.726 T:15632 debug <CSettingsManager>: requested setting (max_multiple_fanart) was not found.

I do not know where these entries come from. Could You check, if all home images are present in this path? --> C:\Users\Firstname Lastname\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\skin.estuary.modv2\extras\home-images and if they are displayable?

EDIT: The warnig above seems to come from the addon "Artwork Dump". We could ignore this.
They are displayable.

Here is what I did. I completely uninstalled Kodi; removed my Userdata Kodi folder. Cleaned the registry and restarted my PC.

Did a clean install of Nexus 20.1. (Could not find where to set the background in that native skin). Re-installed the repository and installed MOD V2.

Now as a completely clean setup, First and foremost, I looked to see if the backgrounds showed up. They did not, only the Power and Search. Even the backgrounds for Video's native to MOD V2 was not showing up.

So whatever it is, it is not my settings within the install or skin. Since the same thing is happening on my Sony Smart Tv, I am at a loss. I just know they worked in 18.9 (which I have that User directory saved and may try looking back into that by installing Leia for the fun of it.)

All that being said, I have been very appreciative of all your efforts. This isn't a deal breaker so I'll not ask any more trouble-shooting. I can live with it for sure. Who knows, maybe it will work down the road :-)
Hello everyone, I still have a small problem since the last update.
When I watch a film and click on the information icon, the summary is displayed twice.

Thanks again for all you do, this skin is really great. 

Haven't checked all combinations of skin settings  Smile . Thanks for the hint, will fix this.

EDIT: Fixed. Available with next update or immediately on Github
@_BJ1 Thank you very much for the responsiveness, it's great.
Perfect. Wink
### 4.1.2+nexus.1 ###
Just thought I would pass on a few more insights on my background problem

I restored Kodi 18.9 with my .kodi directory and the backgrounds showed up.

I removed everything and freshly installed Kodi 20.2 and then MOD V2. Did not load anything else except to see Menu backgrounds. None showed up except the Power, Search and Settings background (which ironically enough I see are customized in the menu to turn on and off).

I then tried Aeon Nox: SiLVO skin and they showed up. (Personally I could never get into that skin though I understand it is very popular).

I reverted back and no backgrounds. The same thing with my Nvidia Shield Kodi install. No backgrounds.  

I could not help wondering. Is there a disable or enable somewhere I am not turning on?
There are some settings that avoids showing background graphics:
  • Be shure to enable "Show media fanart as background". If this is disabled you should able to choose another graphics as replacement
  • Backgrounds graphics are only showing when the main menu is selected/focused. Otherwise the artwork of your selected movie, tvshow, music or musicvideo will be shown.
  • set opacity of fanart between 40% - 60%