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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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Great news! That worked!!!

I toggled the "Show Media Fanart as Background." Show ExtraFanarts isn't allowing me to toggle it on. Toggled "Show, add and remove animated posters." And set opacity to 40%.

They show up perfectly now! Thank you for sticking with me on this!
(2023-07-02, 23:57)themusj Wrote: [ -> ]Show ExtraFanarts isn't allowing me to toggle it on.
This needs the Addon "Artwork Dump". You can find it in rmrectors addon repository: https://github.com/rmrector/repository.rector.stuff
(2023-07-02, 23:57)themusj Wrote: [ -> ]Toggled "Show, add and remove animated posters."
This is - as the name already said - for animated posters like this: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/...ie-poster/
There are some restrictions using animated posters. See here: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary....ed-artwork and here: https://kodi.wiki/view/Artwork_types#Animated_Artwork
Thank you, sorry it didn't stick with me on the animated posters. 

I have it just about where I wanted it. :-)

I have it running on my Shield Pro and Windows 10. 

One icon is tripping me up. Where is the icons/sidemenu/ path? My windows pc has a "movies.png" like two balls overs a projector that I want the same on my TV. The Movies "Select background" lists that path.

I've searched both directories on Shield and PC and cannot find the directory, let alone that icon. 

I'd paste a screen capture but that is another thing I've never figured out how to do on this site. You have mastered that skill obviously from your posts.
Upload your picture(s) on https://imgbb.com/. After uploading copy the "BBCode full linked" and paste it here. That's all. Check with "Preview Post" if all is ok.
(2023-07-03, 15:09)themusj Wrote: [ -> ]Where is the icons/sidemenu/ path?

They are packed into a texture file (Textures.xbt). Kodi is searching first into this file. The path (within the texture file) is  "icons/sidemenu/movies.png". There are more icons here: addons/skin.estuary.modv2/extras/icons
Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate all your efforts, both for direct assistance on my behalf and for all your efforts in this grand community. As they say, you are making a difference.
I’ve installed the skin on my Android TV and trying to configure custom main menu items but having some issues.

I created 2 custom items; “Movies” and “Kids Stuff”.

On the “Choose item for menu” I followed these steps:
Video Library\Sources\Main movies\Create menu item here


I repeated the process for the Kids item
Video Library\Sources\Kids movies\Create menu item here


I now have the 2 new main menu items.


When I click on “Movies” it opens my movies to the source I selected. All good


This is where it gets weird.
When I click “back” on the remote I see this. Why?
Is this a smart list or something? And why are there 2 of each?

If I click back again I get to the home screen.

Now, when I click on “Kids Movies” it opens to the same movies I had before, and not the kids movies. I see this again.


If I click back, I again see the "playlist/smart list" whatever it is.

If I click on "Kids Stuff" from the smartlist it opens the kids movies.



It gets stranger.

Now if I exit back to the main menu and click on Movies, it opens the Kids Movies. What is going on here?

I have reset everything back to default and tried it again but got the same result.

Would appreciate any help.
I wish I could help; but when I click back from within the movies, it takes me back to the main menu. I do not have another movies selection as you do for kids movies (though a pretty good idea.)

I tend to make a special 'genre' for cases like what you are trying to do for kids movies. I edit .nfo files so they show up under a particular genre. For example, I have a ton of Christmas movies for my wife. I edit the .nfo files for those movies and add "seasonal" to them. When I want to pull up just Christmas movies, I search the 'seasonal' genre.
themusj, do you have any custom main menu items? This works OK for me too if I don't create any custom main menu items.

Also, I have installed Kodi and the skin on my PC to compare and it works fine.

I see both my Movies and Kids Movies and both load correctly. And when I press back (backspace) from within the Movies or Kids Movies it takes me back to the main menu.

So not sure if this problem is something specific on Android?
Yes I have several custom items on my Main Menu on my Windows PC (Windows 10) and my Sony TV and Shield TV.

My main menu has 
Clean Kodi Library
Last Played
Update Kodi Library
I'd be curious to see, if you created a "Kids Movies" main menu item, would you get the same issue as I do?
What steps did you specifically take to create that path and link in your customization and I'll try to duplicate it.
@_BJ1 - do you have any plans to release a version of this skin that is compatible with Omega?

Edit: Nevermind, I manually installed the nexus version and it seems to be working ok at a brief glance.
Not yet. This skin is compatible with Omega. Only when the version numbers for xbmc.python and xbmc.gui for Omega are available, there will be a version for Omega. And, the current changes in Omega are not relevant for this skin.
As this skin is using the embuary helper script, it's FYI: https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/27288-...e-updates/
I went into the skins settings, customise main menu items, add new item.

On the "Choose item for menu", I clicked Video Library
\Kids movies
\Create menu item here

Then back to the home screen the new item appears.