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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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Could you provide one of these files via fileuploader? As they have all the same size I think the contents of all is the same...

Sure , here

I hope it helps
There is indeed no addon content within the zip. Instead, the content of the file consists of the complete web interface of the CMS (uncompressed), that is, what you see in the web browser. I'm in contact with the administrator of our cms. Maybe some Android devices send other/incorrect HTTP headers. Windows/Linux derivates are not affected.
I tried to install this skin, but Kodi crashes each time.
I have installed the Kodinerds repository first (zip file), then from this repository navigate to "look and feel", "skin", and I found the Estuary mod V2 skin.
But on installation, Kodi stops working each time.

I have Kodi 19.3 running on a Fantec 4KS600 android machine.

Can anyone help ?
Download (https://repo.kodinerds.net/index.php?act...on=matrix/) and install from Zip in this order:
  1. PVR Artwork Module
  2. Skin Estuary Mod V2 Matrix
This should work.
(2022-02-12, 14:33)_BJ1 Wrote: [ -> ]Download (https://repo.kodinerds.net/index.php?act...on=matrix/) and install from Zip in this order:
  1. PVR Artwork Module
  2. Skin Estuary Mod V2 Matrix
This should work.


I also had to download Rector Stuff rmrector repo, for Artwork Dump

I am new to Kodi, so I appoligise for any "stupid" questions.

I am running Kodi v19.3 on a Fantac 4KS6000 Android machine.

Installation of the skin Estuary MOD V2 KN edition seemed not possible from the KN repository.
But I managed to install the skin (with a little help from the forum).
First I downloaded and installed the zip file script.module.pvr.artwork-2.0.2.
Followed by the installation of the zip file skin.estuary.modv2-master.
It works fine! Thanks a lot.

But I am struggling to modify the main menu.
I want to create an additional main menu item for my video Concerts. I have all these files in a folder named "Concerts".
As it is now, all these concerts show up in "movies", together with the actual movies. That is why I want to create a separate menu item.

Creating the menu item is easy (including label and logo). But it does nothing when I move to this item (or click on it).

Is there a tutorial or any other help available ?
Thanks in advance.
It's someone can suggest how i can disable the Happy Valentine Theme (it made skin lag and kodi slowly) Huh

I try to look inside preferences whitout found how i can.............
Go to Settings -> Skins -> Extras -> Disable Themes
(2022-02-14, 14:21)_BJ1 Wrote: [ -> ]Go to Settings -> Skins -> Extras -> Disable Themes

Yeah thanks........ i have found this same suggestion here:

Lol...... think that I had given a view around without finding anything and instead it's all clearly written Smile
### 3.4.0+matrix.3 ###
  • Video OSD: button 'switch to last channel' added
  • new view 'Big List' in PVR channel added
  • several views modified

Nerdsrepo should work as usual now.





The system crashes when I open the netflix. Works in other plugins. I'm using Coreelec Nexus
The version was working at 3.4.1.
System crashed with LibreElec Nexus Nightlies too when I'm opening Youtube. Even with the default skin Estuary. It's still Alpha.

I'm running Coreelec Amlogic-ng.arm nighty 20220220 with Kodi 19.4-Matrix_rc3. With this great skin but Here is my problem:

I created news menus for Netflix/Amazon/Youtube. In each of the sections, 2 to 3 lines of widgets that work very well
but, I cannot navigate with the remote control from one line to another and I'm blocked on the 1st line of widget