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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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I don't really understand the problem. What/where is the skin-plugin directory? Do You mean the addon skin folder? Where do you set an icon (screenshot)? Normally you should be able to select a directory outside of the skin. Best place for this is the movie folder itself. Don't store any files within the skin addon folder. As you already know they will be wiped out after an update.
What I mean is I'm setting the icon for a Home Menu item in the Skin Settings where it says Set Thumbnail.  Specifically, the icons used for the Category Widget items.  If I try to set the thumbnail for an item, the browser window opens to special://skin/extras/icons and lists all of the default thumbnail images.  It only shows the Parent Directory up to special://skin with no way to go above that.

Actually, while typing this out, I accidentally figured out the solution.  Simply pressing backspace while at the special://skin directory kicked me up to the root directory of the system.  So I feel like an idiot this morning.  You can disregard my issue.  I'll just leave the rest of this post here in case anyone else has a similar brain fart in the future.
Ah ok, now it's clear for me. I thought you meant an icon (poster or similar) of a movie collection. Yes, backspace is a little bit tricky but you figured it out already. If your icons are not much as special I'm willing to put them into the skin. Just open an issue/pull request on the github account of the skin: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary.modv2
No need to include them in the skin now that I know how to access an outside folder.  I'm sure I'll be adding to or modifying what I use as time goes on.  So I'll just get in the habit of storing them outside the skin itself.
But, in the off chance anyone else wants to make use of them, here's the handful I have so far: Icons
If you'd like to include them or if anyone else wants to grab them to use, feel free.
Good morning,

I think I have tried almost all the skins and this is, for me, the best of all.
However, I am experiencing difficulties when changing profiles. There are long delays and even system freezes forcing my Odroid N2 to be unplugged.
I checked and the standard version of Estuary makes the change almost instantly.

I have not found any reference in the thread to this problem, and I do not know if anyone has tried it or if there is a known solution.

Thanks in advance for the possible answers and for the fantastic work.
(2023-08-30, 11:27)Sharuman Wrote: [ -> ]There are long delays and even system freezes forcing my Odroid N2 to be unplugged.

There's some noise in background when profiles changes. Just monitor the kodi debug log in realtime (*) and you'll see that kodi tries to stop/kill all addons on change. Some addon would, other won't stop in regular manner so kodi has to wait untill they are killed. That needs time. Also, after a profile change kodi has to load all addons just the same way as kodi has started.

Btw. if you logout from profile and log in into the same profile again, there's much smaller delay as kodi don't need to unload/load addons. In most cases it's the quality in development of addons (and amount of active addons) that makes a profile change slow.

The difference between the Mod V2 and a vanilla Estuary is that this mod requires some addons whose generate already  a delay.

(*) If you use Linux or *Elec just open a terminal and tail -f ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log Turn debug mode on before do that.
### 4.1.2+nexus.8 ###
  • add some icons to extras/icons (thanks NeoCortex)
  • add custom colors to battery level indicator (selectable via skin settings)
  • customize text shadow color in skin settings
  • improvements in embuary dialogs
  • improved Internet Connection Status (not availabe on *Elec installations)
Can we use the internet connection status as a flag in the ELEC system, in the information bar?
No. The code for that was completely removed from Kodi core. The status is always true, even if you plug out your cable or disconnect from WLAN. This is only functional on windows or Linux systems.
Is there a way to hide the large logo/artwork (marked with red) from the PVR screen? It takes up a lot of space.

No. Normally you'll find here poster/fanart and clearlogo of the broadcast provided by the "PVR Artwork Module". The station logo is only a fallback if the artwork module isn't configured properly or if no artwork is found.


I've just upgraded from Matrix to Nexus and artist fanart is no longer displaying when playing music.  Music OSD > Show Fanart background is enabled.

I tried a fresh install of Kodi and Estuary MOD V2 with all default settings and it is the same.  Working fine using the default Kodi skin.

Anyone else finding the same?
No problem here playing music from the music library. No matter playing albums or single artists/bands. Do you mean music from an addon (radio, spotify or something else)? Artist slideshow addon is installed?
Yes I am only playing music from my library, no addons were installed other than Estuary MOD V2 (and its dependancies) as I did a fresh install.  Thanks for confirming it is working though.
I forgot to say, Artist Slideshow was installed.  As well as version 8 of the mod, I also tried version 4 which also didn't work.  What DID work however, was installing the Matrix v23 version.  I'll see how that goes!