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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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Got a simple solution: The skin setting will be only enabled when the Kodi setting "show signal quality" is enabled. Otherwise the skin setting is greyed out (disabled).
(2023-11-14, 19:19)_BJ1 Wrote: [ -> ]It's a little bit difficult. Normally a SQ/SNR value of 0 indicates a problem with the backend device (if SQ/SNR is provided by the backend driver and submitted to the PVR client). If this is not provided you can simply turn off the option "show signal quality" in Settings -> PVR & Live TV. But disabling this option hides the tuner number flag too because the property PVR.ActStreamDevice will not be filled and in conclusion the tuner number will not be shown.

Must think about it. I could implement an option in skin settings e.g. "Don't show SQ/SNR if not provided by backend Driver" but this competes with the "show signal quality" of the general settings within Kodi. Additional, the general setting is only visible if setting level is set to "Advanced" (and up) and that could confused users because the suggested skin option above seems to have no effect.

You would have to use "PVR.ActStreamSnr" and "PVR.ActStreamSignal" in conjunction with "String.StartsWith(info,substring)" or "String.EndsWith(info,substring)" for visibility, then it will work.
I just tested it on Titan Mod.

                <control type="progress">
                    <visible>!String.EndsWith(PVR.ActStreamSignal,57 %)</visible>

on xml folder font.xml line 686 should be arial.ttf instead of roboto-Thin.ttf
The font of the clock is all the same (roboto-thin.ttf) except economica.
if change language to korean am pm is not indicating with that font set
That is of course an argument  Smile
### 4.1.3+nexus.4 ### 21.0.0+omega.9 ###
  • some icons added (Samsung TV, Pluto TV, Telekom)
  • Code Improvements on full video OSD
  • OSD media flags fixed/improved
  • OSD hide sound button if there are only a single audio stream (thanks biegleux)
  • Option added for hiding SIG/SNR flags if not provided by Backend Driver (returns always zero)

### 21.0.0+omega.9 ###
  • removing channel switch option (PVR) due changes in Kodi core.
Thanks for your continued efforts!
### 4.1.3+nexus.5 ### 21.0.0+omega.10 ###
  • missing poster in OSD while playing files fixed
  • Slovakian language strings added
  • Netherland language strings updated
### 4.2.0+nexus ### 21.1.0+omega ###
  • Media flags completely revised (uniform size and improved common code basis)
  • missing music info on radio broadcasts fixed

The main goal of this update was to improve performance through code optimization and the uniform use of flags in the OSD and info dialogs. This alone resulted in the removal of approx. 600 lines of code. This version is therefore a major update, even if it is not obvious at first glance.

Although the update has been extensively tested, there may still be problems with one or two flags. Feel free to let me know.
this version 4.2.0+nexus, seems like missing poster on osd screen for kodi library integration for stream files. i revert back to previous version & poster came back. please fix. thanks.

p.s. i am no longer able to update estuary modv2 via repo update or manual zip update. i get a black screen where i hsve to force quit kodi. please advise a remedy. thanks.
Yes, this has been already reported in another forum and has been fixed in Github.
(2023-11-26, 07:31)alexp4re Wrote: [ -> ]p.s. i am no longer able to update estuary modv2 via repo update or manual zip update. i get a black screen where i hsve to force quit kodi. please advise a remedy. thanks.

Remove the skin and the settings of the skin from your system and reinstall from Nerdsrepo. If you've tried other skins that use the skin shortcuts addon too, be sure to disable the setting "Share menu between compatible skins" of the skin shortcuts setup. Otherwise youl'll run into issues possibly. You'll find the configuration going over Settings -> System -> Addons -> Manage dependencies -> Skin Shortcuts.
PVR / liveTV has missing icons in OSD ('ok' during play) since last update. Is this solved in the same way..?
Hmm, could not confirm this. All icons/logos are showing here, from channel logo up to video covers provided by PVR artwork module.
Hm, must be something local then (on two different setups). Will try some things or reinstall skin if it's not a general issue..