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Full Version: Updates to ArgusTV add-on
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For those still using the Argus TV add-on, I wanted to inform you of some updates to the add-on. 

1. EDL (Edit Decision List) support has been added to the add-on.  This provides support for commercial skip. If you have an EDL file in the same location as your recording with the same file name except for having a .edl extension, the add-on will attempt to read in the EDL information and provide it to Kodi so that Kodi will execute the commercial skip instructions.  It works similarly to the way Kodi works when playing files from a shared directory.

2. Recording tags/properties have been updated to match Kodi so that recording descriptions and information are better displayed and sorted by Kodi. 
Updates include:
  - Series number added
  - Episode number added
  - Episode Name has been removed from primary title and moved to the Episode Name property.