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Full Version: Issue with Peaky Blinders thetvdb.com
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I have Peaky Blinders in Kodi and I can't see posters on every season. Only on season 5. I have checked thetvdb.com and there are posters only for French language, so I decided to upload my own posters in English language for all seasons. When every posters were uploaded, I deleted the kodi library and refreshed it again. My problem is that only first season poster has been added to Kodi, but seasons 2, 3 and 4 posters are not shown, but I can see them in thetvdb.com. I am sure that I uploaded all of them following the same steps and set posters language to English, so why I can see only first season? By the way, my default language is Spanish. I don't think it affects, beacause Kodi usually downloads all posters in English.

I would apreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
The default/recommended scraper in Kodi for TV shows is currently TheMovieDB using Python. TVDB has had its issues over a couple of years, hence the Kodi decision for a different TV scraper. TVDB is also busy with a new scraper, its ETA is still unsure.

If you are rescraping from an old(er) nfo file, it's possible that some poster URLs are no longer available because of a 'spring cleaning'.
Thanks for the reply. In my current version of Kodi (19.3) I can see TheMovieDB using Python only for movies. For TV Shows, I have available for choosing these: The Movie Database and TMDB TV Shows. Even clicking in get more button, I don't get any more references to TMDB or TMDB using pithon. Which one should I use? I guess the second one...
TMDB is short for TheMovieDB... Wink
(2022-01-12, 12:48)Acel Wrote: [ -> ]so I decided to upload my own posters in English language for all seasons
There is a delay between uploading artwork and it becoming available on the API. If, after 24 hours you still do not get artwork, let us know and we will have a look.