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Full Version: No media flags on Blu-ray (BDMV-folder) movies.
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There are still problems getting media flags on Blu-ray rips (the BDMV folder structure).
The local movies I have with the BDMV-folders don't get audio and video formats (4K, UHD, Dolby Atmos, 7.1 etc.). The 'studio', 'certification' and 'source' flags do show up though.
As I have read, this hasn't been fixed yet.
Is there a workaround or are there plans to fix this problem?
the problem all starts with the meta-data. movietitle.nfo.

i had all it working with the type of disc e.g. bluray, dvd etc.etc and all the audio codecs but it was a looooot of work editing the.nfo, .xml files and creating a new Textures.xbt to include the icons. tbh i just turn off flagging as hardware upscaling has come a long way in very recent years. i also watch movies i would otherwise bypass when i had the flagging all set up.

ALL my media is from original discs which i own ripped to .mkv and stored locally via usb-hdd and now using shield tv pro 2019 which in many ways is better than my 4k computer..
I use Kodi to get the metadata from the video files, without having the .nfo-files. It extracts the info about reolution, sound format etc. And it does that with all my movies (mkv/mp4/avi/...) except the BluRay rips that are in the BDMV folder structure.
I really like the media flags, so I can see which movies have 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos, when I want to impress guests in my home theater. Wink

(I use the Nvidia Shield TV pro also, and I have been happy with it. But it's not so fast though - the menues are not that smooth. So I'm planning to get an Intel NUC 12. That way I can also play retro games/emulators.)