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Full Version: IPTV Simple Client is not loading
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I have installed and configured the IPTV Simple Client but the 'start up) loading just continues I have left it to run for more than 30 minutes, but it just does not load. (I have tried other apps with same info and the channels load)
Same here. I paid for an iptv but when i load the url it just shows the 0% wheel turning. Pvr manager is starting. Other free urls work.
If you're trying to load a playlist with 100,000 channels or something like that, you will have issues.
If you have paid for some iptv subscription, have you tried asking the people you are paying for support?  That would be the first place I would ask.
go back to Kodi 2017 will work normal
Impossible to go back to kodi 17.3 on raspberry pi 3B+
Going back to a 5 year old version is never going to be a good option for most people.

It's completely unsupported, and being Python 2 most of the other addons for it will either be outdated or also unsupported and perhaps even no longer working.