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Full Version: [RELEASE] Bluetooth Delay
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Yes, but fixing that means having to stop the running movie which is a bit harsh in my opinion especially considering it is meant for automation purposes. Also the number of steps to be taken gets rounded so the error should be like 12.5 ms in the worst case which should be tolerable.
Also I don't have a mouse connected Smile
Anyone who uses a PC can make a mistake with the mouse, especially in a smartphone with a touchpad.
The idea is that next time (after the video has stopped) he will not click with the mouse again, but will use the mouse wheel or the arrow keys.

In addition, if you do not reset, then even after restarting kodi, every time you press A and play with the right/left arrows - the steps will be unrounded, until you manually go to the guisettings.xml file and reset the delay. It's very uncomfortable.

As for round, I only use for high numbers like 1.025 or 1.500, where there is a bug in kodi that the number for some reason does not come out round. But for the numbers below I prefer without round, to be exact.
New in version 1.5.0:
-Integration with ''Audio Profiles'' addon
-Notification when playback start
-Toggle even when media is not playing
-Auto toggle when Bluetooth is connected
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