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Full Version: Problem Playing Next Video from Network Device
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Hello all. I'll preface this with "Although I appreciate the input on what I'm doing wrong, please respect that my home network system is what it is and I'm not changing it. It's been built this way for many reasons."

So, I've been running Kodi on my 2012 Mac Mini without issues. I decided to go to v20, thinking I could switch between the two. Well, config files have changed and v19 won't run unless I completely uninstall v20 and it's prefs. So, I decided to stick with v20, as it's been working good enough.

One problem I am having is that v20 won't automatically play the next video if it's from my networked Windows Server 2019. Everything works fine, if the MP4 is on a local drive (SATA/USB...tried both and no problems, whatsoever.

I'm not smart enough to post logs, but a buddy took screen shots of what happened, but I can't upload them there. Started a video at 4:04am. It finished and should have go onto the next episode at 4:40am. I went back to Kodi and hit STOP on my remote. The three pictures were what dude said happened.

To transcribe:
    @ 4:39am, CVideoPlayerAudio:Tonguerocess - stream stalled
    @ 4:40am, DARWINOSX: underflow (2720 vs 4096 bytes)
    @ 4:40am, DARWINOSX: underflow (0 vs 4096 bytes)

I'm not looking for a solution, just reporting what's been happening w/my Kodi.

I've been having the same error and freezing on Win7x64 and Win10x64 Pro playing music videos from a NAS.  It often is in the middle of playing the file.