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Full Version: Eminence and TvHeadend
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Hello and thanks for that awesome skin!

I use TvHeadend on the latest Kodi with the Eminence skin. I don't see the icon for "Live-TV". For Videos, Movies, Settings, Power I see them. Any ideas, how it could get lost?

Another issue I have: When I switch between channels I only see the latest info the channel is currently playing, but not the channel name or number. Can I make the channel number and name visible during switching?

Thanks and kind regards,

I’ve got the same problem, traced it to Eminence by disabling all my addons and then switching to the Embuary skin.
Rebooted and enabled all addons again, and Tvheadend worked as expected.
When I switched back to Eminence Tvheadend would work, but any PVR related menu items disappeared after a reboot and the Tvheadend PVR client couldn’t be loaded.
Have a look at my post here…
Thanks for your response. I guess you misunderstood me or I misunderstood your problem. TvHeadend is running without any issues. I only want to show the channel number, when I switch from channel to channel. E.g. I'm watching the channel on position 10 and I want to navigate to the channel on position 1, it's not too easy since I don't see the channel numbers, but only the tv shown name currently running.

I think the issue, that no icon is shown for Live-TV in the main menu, is obvious, what the problem is.