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Full Version: Manual search option for scraping content?
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I'm trying to rescrape a couple of BluRay ISOs of mine, however there's no "manual" option when I click the "refresh" button, only "ok" or "cancel."

Is there anyway to bring up the manual search option so that I can type in what the movie is, and search for it since the search by default is not finding what the content actually is?
When you eventually find the Manual option, and if you are using the newer Python scrapers, you can search by ID as shown here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:The_Movie_...hon#Search
@Offsprin, there was an issue with the select dialog in Amber. I fixed it, the changes are on GitHub (Matrix) already. Please test and let me know. Thanks.


Cool, I'll grab the latest build and let you know. Thanks Bart.
How should I go about installing the updated skin from github? I tried grabbing the zip from the repository, specifically this file: https://github.com/bartolomesoriano/repo....2.152.zip but it's complaining about a dependency not being met so therefore it can't be installed.
@Offsprin , are you on Leia or Matrix? I have only pushed the fix to Matrix so far.

To install on Matrix, you can use this zip: https://github.com/bartolomesoriano/skin...master.zip.  Once you download it, open it, and remove the "-master" from the name of the folder that is inside the zip.  Then, you can go into Kodi and do an Install from Zip file and use the downloaded zip.  Please let me know how it goes.

If you are on Leia, please give me a couple of days, since I need to bring the Leia version up to par with the Matrix one.  Thanks.