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Full Version: Shadertoy on Kodi 19
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Does anyone have a repo or compiled source containing the Shadertoy visualizations and screensavers, compatible with the current Kodi 19?
Found it myself.
The Kodi repo in OSMC (which I am on) contains both the screensaver and the player animations.

Maybe a short feedback on my configuration - to whomever it may concern:
Screensavers seem to work perfectly flawless. The player animations kind of work. In another version couple years back, one could set the player animations to random so that every time one switched the animation back on, a different shader would come up. Unfortunately this has been discontinued obviously. On the positive side is that meanwhile you can add your own shaders - wow.
Some of the shipped shaders seem not to work in the player animation. The screensaver ones do just fine though
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