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Full Version: Zuki and the secure connection
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I have been happily using my dvr service, hdhomerun, on Kodi using the zuki add-on for a long time now.  It stopped working a few days ago. Now I can watch live tv but no recordings. Silicondust says: "A change was made to the DVR system to utilize a secure connection", and the creators of the zuki add-on will have to update their software.
My question is- Should I wait for the zuki update, or try another dvr option? 
I hope that there is an update soon, because I like the hdhomerun option better than when I used NextPVR. Also, I have 6 months left on my hdhomerun subscription.
Probably best to post over on the SD forums https://forum.silicondust.com/forum/view...hp?t=71135

Im not sure @djp952 comes through here all that often. Im sure if you post over there he'll respond promptly
Silicon Dust made a surprise change.  It has been corrected and the updated version is at https://github.com/djp952/pvr.hdhomerundvr/wiki
I'd say it's "mostly" fixed, there are still some new and unresolved problems that are making it a tad flaky for some users.  It seems to self-resolve for most, but I have a number of outstanding questions/concerns for the provider to this end, and the provider is not being, shall we say, "receptive" to my complaints.  I do what I can, but I also expect the "tad flaky" stuff to persist until I can properly bend the provider's ear about what's happening.

I'm fairly close to just killing this project publicly. The provider's target moves far too often to effectively contribute the work to Team Kodi for community maintenance/support, and that's very problematic for me; I don't want to do this for the rest of my life.  A provider that continuously introduces breaking changes without any warning whatsoever is, simply put, an "unreliable" partner.

I'm kind of done with the nonsense of the constant "churn" of the HDHomeRun ecosystem.  It's, quite frankly, exhausting, and I really don't know how much longer I will opt to deal with it.  Microsoft and Apple make fewer breaking changes than these folks do -- and that's really saying something!
Sad to hear. Totally understandable though.

Software companies just cant settle on an "it works" state, haha
(2022-02-07, 07:46)Fuzzard Wrote: [ -> ]Sad to hear. Totally understandable though.

Software companies just cant settle on an "it works" state, haha

So true, my friend Smile