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Full Version: VDR plugin with Kodi 20 Nexus
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VDR plugin seems to cause Kodi 20 to lockup when playing any video. That's right, any video, not just PVR stuff.

I couldn't get any useful log, Kodi just jams completely when video is supposed to play.

If I have VDR enabled when I start Kodi, then enter addon settings and disable VDR, it still lockups if I try to play any video. However, after killing Kodi and restarting it, everything works now (because VDR is disabled). This suggests that the failure actually happens at earlier state, when VDR addon is starting? Memory corruption or something like that?

This is running on Android 11, Nvidia Shield..
Nah, sorry. Any PVR addon does the same. So it's a Nexus bug.