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Full Version: ViewTypes for Netflix etc, (Eminence2 Viewtype Map)
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i'm trying to set permanent view types for Netflix and Amazon Video but cant seem to make it work, i think this might be related to the fact that the "View Mode" for these addons are "FILE" mode, and that most viewtypes in eminence are not available in File mode.

i think i mapped most of them here, so this could be useful for everyone :

Info Icons : 59
Icons : 52
Wide : 55
FanArt : 56
Media Info : 51
Media Info2: 57
Media Info3: 577
Showcase: 535
Info List: 53
Info List2: 553

is there something in the ViewType XML files that can be changed in order for most of these to be available in File mode so that we can have more choices under Netflix and other addons.