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Full Version: no video playlists when using path substituions.
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When using path substitution, I am not able to find any of my video playlists. However when display just "Playlists" I can navigate to them and execute them.


I need to do this because on the NVIDIA Shield I cannot mount a NFS share and symlink to it like I have other other linux based clients. I can do a custom menu item but will nice to get this working. anyone else have this issue?
Does the Nvidia Shield support system-based NFS client connections? I never tried using Kodi-internal NFS paths.
My substitutions work with NFS but only on Linux devices with nfs mounts on the OS.
Yes NVIDIA shield supports NFS client. 

All the other bits work, it's just the "skin.shortcuts' browser that doesn't seem to resolve / apply those when searching for playlists. So when I go browse playlist-> it only shows the skin shortcuts none of the video shortcuts.
Apparently, https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2546915 this is kodi python api issue.