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Full Version: RasPI installation: TIMERS not working
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I have a kodi installation (19.3) on Raspberry PI 4. Added TIMERS add-on
Now, on my movies list, i'm trying to set a timer for the starting time of a single movie: no way to do that.
I chose a timer (1, for instance), setting a starting time (tried several different hours, AM or PM), no ending time (play till the end), no other actions.
Then a summary window is shown, with the right parameters set, clicking OK results in an error: TIMER set error - see log for more details

The log is here:  https://paste.kodi.tv/yovorenaxe

Could you kindly help?
Problem disappeared with a reload of RPi4 OS + Kodi (LibreELEC 10.0.0)
Maybe some wrong operation before was preventing right behavior