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Full Version: Chorus2 translation?
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In Weblate I can't find where to translate the Chorus2 web interface. I've already translated in Italian a lot of Kodi strings and almost all of the TeX web interface, but I prefer to use Chorus2.
If anyone can point me in the right direction, or add Chorus2 to Weblate, I would be very happy!
Thank you!
I only see 1 web interface in that section, so I'm guessing it still needs to be added? @Gade ^^

EDIT: it seems we are in the process of adding Chorus2.
I created the component at Weblate now: https://kodi.weblate.cloud/projects/kodi...us2/it_it/

It will be available for translation now.
I still need to do some bugfixing and fix some errors and duplicate strings.
And summary, description etc. will also be added to the translations soon.