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Full Version: bottom bar and subtitles position
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I am using Kodi Matrix 19.4 with Estuary, it is a great skin, but when I play a video with subtitles and pause, the subtitles are hidend by the control bar at the bottom,
I tried moving the subtitles to the top, but then they are hidden by the Info bar (the one that display the movie name), I tried all the subtitles position but they are always hidden in some way.

Is it possible to hiden the bottom bar after a few seconds or move it somewhere else ?
The only thing you should see when you pause is the top seekbar which will then auto hide after 5 seconds.

By control bar do you mean the menu with the playback controls and access to settings? If so the the only time you should see this is when you manually activate it.

What device are you using? and how do you control Kodi?
It take it you're using the OSD menu to pause the video instead of a dedicated pause/play button. In which case pressing back will close the menu.