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Full Version: "Color of magic" not recognized by scrapers
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I try to scrap :
discworld, the color of magic , the colour of magic, with or without (2008) ,

with UMS, the movie database python, the movie database,  tvdb, tvdb (new), tmdb tvshow
and no title can be found.

in my browser i found  :
with all the names.

can someone could try with his kodi ? (just create an empty file "the color of magic.mkv" in a folder used for scraping by film or tv show)

PS try with kodi 19.4 and 20 alpha
Make sure the folder is named The Colour of Magic (2008).
i always put all my mkv  in the same folder

i try to put my mkv in a folder named "color of magic (2008)" :  no change
You have posted in the movie section which indicates you are trying to scrape it as a movie, but TheMovieDB and IMDB list it as a TV Show. That is most likely the problem.
as you can see i also try with
tvdb, tvdb (new), tmdb tvshow
(2022-03-11, 19:31)michelb2 Wrote: [ -> ]tvdb, tvdb (new), tmdb tvshow
Yes, and you still posted in the movie section when there was no reason to. Which to me tells me you haven't named your episode files correctly. But that is a guess, so if you provide a Debug Log I can tell you what the exact problem is.
TVDB scrapes it fine - I have it in my library.


Try naming the show "Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic" and using the TVDB TV show scraper, as they've given it the full name (although it seems to alias without his name at the start). But I have it that way in my library and it works for me.
(2022-03-11, 23:40)michelb2 Wrote: [ -> ]log :
You did not enable debug mode.

But I have previously stated that it is a tv show, yet you still have it set up as a movie.

D:\video_d\test\filmsTV\Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic.mkv
That is how movies are scraped, not tv shows.
TV show folder? Episode numbering?
I am sure you have tv shows in your library already. You need to set this show up the same. It does not matter that it is a single file, it is still a tv show according to ALL the scraper sites.
If you don't like it, then read this wiki page... https://kodi.wiki/view/Convert_movie_to_episode
ok  i found
you need two things :
1) name the file  with s01e01 inside => The Colour of Magic s01e01.mkv
2) put the file in its own folder /discworld/The Colour of Magic s01e01.mkv
and now when you scap it with a tv scapper it  find it

so (for me) the main difference with a movie  is that i need one folder by tv show ( for movies i put all my movies in one folder)

PS  when i scapped with a browser, i don't have to search for The Colour of Magic s01e01 , The Colour of Magic is enough   see my first post.
Searching using a browser isn't the same as scraping with an addon.
TV show scraping work on the folder name (to find which show it's looking for) and then on the SxxExx part of the file name to find the individual episodes of the show for the episode specific metadata. Your original set-up was failing on that second step, so you weren't getting anything.

This is the key difference between movie and TV show scraping, as movies are by nature just a single entity for the gathering of metadata, whereas TV shows will be many different entities (each individual episode) under a single grouping (the actual show).
ok, i understand
thank you very much