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Full Version: Genre Widget
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Hey there,

I´m doing some customization to my Estuary default skin.
On the movies menu there´s a "Genre" item that show all your movies genres, I want to show them all, but one. 
I think that I have to edit this place in home.xml
<include content="WidgetListCategories" condition="Library.HasContent(movies)">
                            <param name="content_path" value="videodb://movies/genres/"/>
                            <param name="widget_header" value="$LOCALIZE[135]"/>
                            <param name="widget_target" value="videos"/>
                            <param name="list_id" value="5500"/>
                            <param name="icon" value="$VAR[WidgetGenreIconVar]"/>
                            <param name="icon_height" value="70"/>

I´m kind amateur editing, but I´m learning a lot reading the forum here
Thanks in advance