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Full Version: HOW-TO stream Live-TV from BeyondTV 3.4 ( BTV )
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ok you all know how xbmc can play mms:// urls in .strm files right? well to play the stream from beyondtv in xbmc just follow these easy steps

1. download/install beyondtv
2. run beyondtv
3. configure beyondtv
4. open this url http://localhost:8129/shows.cgi?mode=watchlivetv
5. make sure you can watch the stream in the windows media player applet on the page and keep this page open
6. open up notepad and type in mms://lan ip:8080 and save it as beyondtv - livetv.strm
7. open up your favorite ftp client and ftp the .strm file to your xbox and load it up in xbmc

and volia ur watching ur tv stream from your pc!! keep in mind since its travelling over the network there will be a 30 second  - 1min delay depending on how fast your network is